LR2 Cost of Ownership

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Can anyone share your annual LR2 maintenance costs after 45K miles? I'm starting to be concern with the cost, since I went to LR service for a simple 45K oil change and ended up spending 1,400,000 to change the break pads and rotors (Never heard about a car that needs to change rotors for every single break pad change).


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    I agree that a million and a half dollars is pretty expensive for an oil change and brake job. And assuming you really meant 1400 dollars, even that is too much.

    From my experience, LR's design specs are such that rotors cannot be turned (resurfaced) and stay within LR specifications, so this is not something the dealer did to make extra money.

    I would suggest in the future, stick to Midas or some other non LR shop for things like this. If its out of warranty, there are better options for most everying which is maintenance related.
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    I have read all post concerning the problems with the 2003 Land Rover Freelander. I've had all the same problems with mine. Does anyone know of any law suit imposed on Land Rover because of so many consumer complaints? Did Land Rover get away with this?
    My car has 65,000 miles, and I'm still fixing stuff on it. I'm so dis-appointed in them.
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