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My 95 plymouth voyager keeps stalling as soon as it is in drive or reverse!

tngirl82tngirl82 Member Posts: 1
I have a 95 plymouth voyager....It starts up fine and runs good, but as soon as you put it in Drive or Reverse it stalls and dies....Does anyone know what this could be? I need some help please.....Thanks


  • dukemoonerdukemooner Member Posts: 1
    I have a 95 Voyager with 3.3 motor, when driving from time to time it sputter like half the motor has been turned off. It's random when it does it,. I checked the fuel system from top to bottom.Change fuel filter and fuel pump to no avail. I checked coil with a meter and it seems fine. plugs and wires are new. could it be the timing chain? Need help please.
  • semockrsemockr Member Posts: 7
    I doubt if the timing chain would result in random running problems. The onboard computer could do this however, you can check the stored codes to determin this.
  • passivepsychopassivepsycho Member Posts: 1
    Plymouth Voyager doesn't like to accelerate?

    I have a 95 Plymouth Voyager that just doesn't want to run right. It's fine at idle and slow speeds, but if you take off cold it bogs out and if you get on it you can here a rapidly increasing pfft pfft pfft and it has no power. Once you hit a certain point it starts to run fine for a second then bogs out for a little bit, then it takes off and the pfft pfft pfft goes in and out. Today I replaced the ERG Transducer, and the MAP sensor, also put in a new catalytic converter and cleaned out the egr pump nothing did anything to help it. While the guy had it apart I peeked up into the manifold, the o2 sensor was pretty covered in black [non-permissible content removed], but the guy doing it didn't say anything about it so I let it go. Actually after I put the ERG transducer in and hooked up all the vacuum lines it ran worse so I have to have one of them disconnected and plugged. (Actually had the hoses on backwards when I straightened it out it helped a little, not much) I did the engine code thing where I turn the key on and off a bunch of times and this is what I came up with:

    12 - battery disconnect
    51-Oxygen sensor stuck at lean position
    14 - MAP sensor voltage below .16V or over 4.96V
    32 - EGR gases not working - check vacuum, valve
    55 - quit bothering me punk

    Not sure if these are exact for my model but it's the best I could do. It would be really handy if there was a website that listed all of this stuff ya know. :)

    When I disconnect the MAP sensor it nearly dies and runs rough so I don't think it's that. Do you suppose I got a bad ERG Transducer? I did what somebody else told me to in order to check the ERG valve (much to the amusement of my neighbors) and disconnected the top hose and sucked on it. It immediately died so I don't think it's that. I know that the muffler leaks quite a bit, you can see black around where it's leaking. Also if you floor it in park you get a rush of exhaust gas up through the engine compartment so I know there is a leak there, either on the manifold or around the o2 sensor. I brought it into a shop today and they pointed out the exhaust leaks and said it seems like my exhaust was plugged. (Best you can get for free at a shop, lots of chuckles when I said I was already at the muffler shop today) It would seriously make my day to find out this is just a gasket or some simple fix, I've already blown around $400 in the last two days, but I don't have my hopes up. I'm really stumped.
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