Mazda CX-9 Door Bolts Rusting

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2008 CX-9 with 45,000 miles on it. Half of the bolts are painted white like the car color---the other half are not. The have not's are rusting an mazda told me tough toenails. Has anyone else seen this? Check all 4 per door!


  • robr2robr2 Member Posts: 8,805
    Well any uncoated steel will eventually rust. Most likely, it's just surface rust.

    Take a look under your vehicle - you'll be suprised at how many bolts are rusted. Heck, look at your brake rotors if the vehicle has sat outside overnight in humid weather - they'll have surface rust as well.

    IMHO, it's nothing to worry about.
  • donkeyjawbonedonkeyjawbone Member Posts: 1
    I wouldn't mind the rusty bolts, but they are in plain view on a white car and they are located right next to a similar bolt that is painted. It just wreaks of laziness and cost cutting. Plus the rust is leaching onto the bracket and eventually the rust will win because as Mr Young sang about it---RUST NEVER SLEEPS. The rust was one thing---the blow off from Mazda was not expected---so when i had to buy another car---it was not a Mazda--even though I really like the CX 9 that we have.
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    Just sand off the surface rust and buy yourself a touch-up paint bottle/pen and paint it. Voila!
  • oldburbnewcx9oldburbnewcx9 Member Posts: 53
    You are past the warrenty period. What do you expect Mazda to do? Get some paint and paint them yourself if you are concerned. I don't think any car company is in the habit of fizing items after the warrenty has expired.
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