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2011 3rd Row Seatwell Cover

dikshuttledikshuttle Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Kia

I'm trying to locate a hardcover for the seatwell in the rear of the cabin. You see pictures of it in the accessories guide, but no one seems to carry it.

Does it exist? Why would they show it and not sell it?

Kia, take my money, please!


  • falmar1falmar1 Posts: 12
    My daughter just bought a Kia Sedona Van and I am checking to find out if any of our readers had any problems or recalls. Thanks
  • The back of the seat when folded down is the cover. I would like to remove the third roll and make a cover to store things inside and out of site. I never use the third roll of seats, infact I have the seat behind the drivers seat removed.
  • falmar1falmar1 Posts: 12
    My daughter's Sedona just turned 1500 miles. Should she get her first oil change at 1500 miles? Or could she wait a little longer. Friends are telling her she should get the first one done to remove the "breaking in" original oil to clean it out. Anyone hear this for a new car?
  • Don't remember for sure, I think 1000 miles I changed oil for the first time. One thing for sure better sooner than later.
    On our motorcycles I changed at 600 miles
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