Elantra Long-Term Ownership Experiences

mtehranimtehrani Member Posts: 1
What is the millage on Your Elantra?

Mine is a 2004 with almost 200,000. :) Still working with all details.


  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Bought it new in March 2004 for $13.2k, fully loaded ($17.4 list). It's been very reliable, didn't need anything but new brakes and normal maintenance until a few months ago when I had to get a little work done, e.g. new valve cover gasket. Still has some powertrain warranty left! Still runs great, interior has held up well, and paint is still shiny if dinged up a bit from parking lots. One of my sons drives it to college and this summer for pizza deliveries. One of my friends, who saw my son in her neighborhood delivering pizzas, told me yesterday, "It's too bad he delivers pizzas in that nice car, it will smell like pizzas." :)
  • litesong2litesong2 Member Posts: 44
    We have a 2013 auto Venetian Red Elantra with 31000+ miles with no problems. We bought a 2016 manual Venetian Red Elantra with 11000 miles, no problems. What makes us really hopeful for the future is we have a 2008 Accent with 110,000 miles with few problems, that 200,000 miles appears to be its future. Also have a 1988 Ford Festiva with 110,000 miles, which had a KIA body. Hyundai bought KIA to improve its reliability, which has occurred. Leadfooters complained about Elantra mpg due to its low torque. With featherfooting our Elantras have gotten 43 & 46mpg on the road. Unadvertised improvements on the 2016 Elantra over earlier years, include better paint, smoother & quieter engine, quieter interior, better suspension, & more precise & responsive electric steering. Get the 2016 classically beautiful Elantra before the uglier 2017 comes out. Get the Elantra without the short wearing Hankook tires.
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