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I'm interested in buying a CX-9, have done research here and other sites and just recently test drove a Grand Touring. My question has to do with the Touring vs. the Grand Touring. In its review, Edmunds prefers the Touring because of the 18 inch tires over the 20 inch of the Grand Touring.

I wonder what others think about the differences between the two trims and which they can recommend. Is the Grand Touring with the extra few thousand? I'm not particularly interested in a nav system. The only really important features for me are leather interior (which I believe both trims have), the Boise speaker system, sun/moon roof, separate climate controls for driver and passenger, keyless entry and heated seats.

I'd appreciate any thoughts or comments. Thanks.


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    I have a 2009 CX-9 Touring. For 2009 the Touring could be had with leather, Bose System, Moonroof, separate climate controls and heated seats. I don't think the keyless entry system was availible on the Touring but I could be mistaken. I think most of the features you have listed are availible on the Touring trim. Go to Mazda website and check the list of features. It can be difficult to fully understand the list of features and options but with careful reading it can be done.
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    We leased a 2011 Mazda CX9 Touring (White) in NY this week. It has all the bells and whistles that we wished for - 8 seater (2+3+3), sporty look, sun roof, customized climate controls for driver, front seat passenger and backseat passengers, live rear-view display while in 'Reverse' gear, Auto + Manual gears (choose which ever you like depending on the road conditions), 11- Bose Stereo speakers, 6 -CD changer, Keyless access to doors, automated back door - opens/shuts at the touch of a button... and many other features (Check out Mazda's website for a full list of features).

    Initially we were contemplating between an Acura MDX, Audi Q5/Q7 or Lexus R350. But settled for Mazda CX9 Touring as the price difference was over $10K.

    We decided on the 'Touring' as against the 'Grand Touring' because of the 'price' factor. Moreover, we did not need the inbuilt GPS system with blind spot monitoring etc. With those the price was going up by another $3K.

    So far we don't have any complaints about the vehicle. I know its a bit too early to say that... as we have hardly put it to through any test yet !!

    But we took it on a 39month lease with $3K down payment and $2K towards registration etc. with a monthly pymnt of $320. We need to really hard bargain with the dealers for good deals. ... (need to go.. will try to continue later...)
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    Thanks so much for the great responses. I appreciate it. It seems like the Touring is the way to go for our needs. We can get the extras we want in the Touring and don't need/want many of the extras in the upgrade to a Grand Touring. I suppose the one nice feature of the GT is the blind spot warning. I do like that (especially for my wife) but I suppose it's not essential.

    Thanks again for the good help and advice. Much appreciated!
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    How did you get 8-person seating in the CX-9. I thought the max in any trim was 7?

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    Well... you are right - Mazda also says its a 7 seater. But that really depends on the size of the people !! :-) We could comfortably seat 3 each in the back two rows - apart from the driver and the co-passenger. The last row can easily seat 3 kids.
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    I also chose a Touring, because I wasn't interested in the more expensive tires and Nav (my iPhone does the job just fine). But there's one big problem I discovered with the Touring, that may be less of an issue with the GT: The "Bose" sound system is terrible, and I'm amazed they put their brand on it. I'm not a pro audiophile, but compared to every other "upgraded" car stereo I've owned (including a fabulous Bose system in my 10-year-old Miata), this pales in comparison. And the worst part: There's no way to upgrade the speakers, with Bose or any other brand, without spending thousands replacing the entire system. So if you're into the quality of music in your car, beware.
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