Should I Purchase 2003 Infiniti I-35

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Seeking general input re: quality of this car. Historically, I am a Lexus driver. I have held preliminary discussions regarding a 2003 Infiniti I35 that has been well-cared for and has very low mileage. The consumer reviews I have read are very mixed. The reports regarding gas mileage are very confusing. I need a vehicle and am looking for reliability first, followed by quality. Will you share your thoughts with me? Thanks.


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    If you can get 50K miles for around $10k, I would jump into it.
    The Upside:
    - I35 3.5L V6 has a sporty engine, timing chain, good transmission, yet luxury. It runs well and last.
    - Since 3.5L V6 is thirstier than 2.5L V4, gas mileage won't be as good as smaller family sedan, yet it is still much better than a SUV.
    - I35 was manufactured in Japan with most of Japanese parts, so what do we think about the level of workmanship and quality?
    - This car is as easy to be fixed as a typical family car, you don't need to spend big money in an expensive Infiniti dealer. You can also use good quality comparable parts on this car as well. So many replacement parts out there with a fraction of oem price.

    The downside:
    - I35 and other Nissan cars are sensitive with O2 sensors (4 of them.) Keeping the engine running clean will extend the life of these sensors.
    - Gas leak on Vapor Canister might require a replacement of the canister and a purge valve. When the check engine light turn on with this code, it is the time.
    - If you are going the get the 2003 I35 (8 year old car) you will need to flush the coolant system, replacing thermostat, and watch for corrosion that might damage water pump and radiator. Best of all, do a complete tune up like replacing spark plugs, clean Mass Air Sensor and Throttle Body, flush Radiator, Power Steering fluid, Brake fluid, Transmission fluid. Use Seafoam to remove internal carbon deposit. Those actions will significantly increase the reliability of the car.
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    I logged in just to make a post here since the posts on all the other forums I'm reading have helped me so much. This is my car currently- a 2003 I35. One of the best cars I ever owned. Never had a major problem, never spent any money on it over monthly maintenance, and owned it over 8 years now. The steering wheel looks a little peely, the leather on the drivers seat is cracking on the base (not where you sit, but below that), but we do live in florida where it is a million degrees outside. Just had to add that their customer service was great, too. Love the car, and have a soft spot in my heart now for Infinity.
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