2000 ACURA RL electrical problems

randyn56randyn56 Member Posts: 1
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has anyone experienced the following:
car won't start? put in key , turn and nothing? it shouldn't happen to a brand new rl with 1400 miles.
also, side air bag light goes on without reason.


  • jake_eviljake_evil Member Posts: 1
    As for the airbag light, it's something you dealer should have told you about when you bought the car. Acuras are equipped with a side airbag disable switch that senses when an occupant's weight is below safe levels to deploy the airbag. You or your front passenger are not sitting properly when the light comes on. If you lean forward out of the seat or up against the window, the system shuts itself off and the warning light comes on. There is a reason that the light is coming on and it's actually a very good one.

    As for the ignition, the turn is a wrist-wrenching 270 degrees, and sometimes, if you don't make it all the way around in one motion, the ignition doesn't work. The car should start if you turn the key back to 'lock' and try again. If it doesn't, just take your car to your dealer and they'll replace your ignition assembly under warranty. Sometimes even bargain-priced luxury sedans like ours have factory kinks, they're universal to any brand or model of car.
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