Resetting the VSC code

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Does anyone know, on a 2000 Avalon, how to reset the VSC code, or warning light. The code reader is saying that the problem is the oxygen sensors, which were replaced a month ago.

I can't find any literature online to say how to reset this code.
I apprecuate any help,



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    Sorry can't help, but I would like to know which reader you are using and if you'd recomend it.

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    I assume that at the moment you have CEL and a VSC fault indicator illuminated...

    The VSC light is simply a default arising out of the CEL.

    The oxygen sesnor code does not of necessaty indicate a faulty oxygen sensor, it might mean that there is a fault indicated by the oxygen sensor signal, leaking injector, for instance.
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    Code reader isn't much help in troubleshooting a fault if you do not have access to a possible fault table/chart.
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    That was actually the reader used by Auto Zone. I can't afford one and really don't need it. The Avalon is not my car, but my Mother's. I drive a 2004 Camry.
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