Lexus trunk Lock and aftermarket warranty

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Hello, Lexus friends. I'm an 2004 LS 430 owner. I recently discovered that my auto-shut trunk latch stopped working and the part is $712.46. Okaaay,,,got it. The problem is that the door ajar icon stays lit while driving (with audible) and after the car is shut off. This has drained my battery. do you guys know how to disable the trunk sensor.

2: Have you guys discovered a reliable after market warranty package for a 2004 LS 430. I asked the tech at the dealership and he said that a common problem with aftermarket warranties are that the providing companies have a "Cap" on the labor expenses. leaving the quality lexus owners to pick up the remaider.

lexus are great cars and I am proud owner. Thank you for you help.

Gift to All: If the "Service soon" light comes on and you just aren't ready to do your check up. you can:
a) Set your "Trip" display to the blank screen
b) turn off the car
c) (While depressing the Reset Button next to the "Trip" button)
turn on the ignition but do not start. Continue to hold the "Reset" button in for 5 sec
d) Release the "Reset" button and Start the car

The "service require" or "service soon" icon and warning should shut off

Troubleshoot: After step "c" continue to hold the "Reset" button in and start the car. continue to hold the "Reset" button in 5 seconds after the car has been started. That should do the trick. no need for an $89 diagnosis scan to reset the button if you don't want to do your routine service.
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    Labor caps are common and are listed on the backside of the service agreement you receive. For your vehicle you'll want coverage that has no labor cap and also that which covers you up to the market value of your vehicle every time you go in for repairs.

    Make sure you get Exclusionary coverage (covers EVERYTHING, highly recommended for a Lexus since even tiny things cost so much to repair). When you buy your warranty you have 90 days to review it with a 100% money back guarantee in the state of FL, so take advantage of that and use that time to take the paperwork in to your mechanic and he can let you know if it's suitable.

    If you have any additional questions let me know.
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