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I recently posted a topic concerning an oil leak on my 93 Prelude. Well today I took it to an Acura dealer to have it checked out. I was told that I have a leak in the oil pan gasket($140) and the rear main seal($500!) is also leaking.
My problem with this is that I have never noticed a leak towards the back of the car only towards the front. The leak is not big but it is noticable. Is the only solution I have to return to the dealer and do the recommended repairs? Can the leak in the oil pan gasket be sealed with anything so it would not have to be replaced, same goes for the rear main seal though I am positive that I cannot spot a leak coming from there? I would appreciate any advice anyone can offer me.


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    Honda uses a technology called "front wheel drive". The engine is transversely mounted (side to side). The "rear" of the engine is at the passenger's or right side of the vehicle. Opening the hood and looking at the engine should verify this. There are no leaks toward the rear of the car because there's no machinery there. The only repair procedure is to have the leaking seals/gaskets replaced. However, if the leaks are minor and you don't have a newly paved driveway, $640 will buy a lot of oil.
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    If the leak is not severe and you check the oil regularly,then as long as you are diligent about checking the oil,just add oil until you have gotten several estimates for the repair and feel comfortable having the work done.
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    If it's leaking bad enough to drip, it's already pretty bad.

    I'm not a mechanic but am pretty familiar with these. It's pretty uncommon for a rear main to leak on these but it's possible.

    Oil pan gasket leaks are pretty common with age and a lot of miles. I would at least get that fixed. You might want another shop to look at the rear main.

    If a rear main leaks, it can be severe.

    Whatever you do, in your quest for a cheap fix, DO NOT put any stop leak additives in the oil!!
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    The advice re oil stop leak additives is dead on. Ever wonder how much money snake oil purveyors make in an average year?
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