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Hyundai Genesis sedan air-bag failed

turbyjjangturbyjjang Member Posts: 1
edited June 2011 in Hyundai
Hyundai Genesis sedna don't work air-bag at Accident in Korea.
Driver is dead and hyundai told that airbag is normality, and the airbag module is bosch, apply logic is normal condition.

Korea domestic genesis applied smart airbag system, not advanced.

Safety concerns rising about Hyundai Genesis in Korea

Hyundai Genesis got into fatal accident, none of airbag deployed. The car fishtailed in rain, and hit a stone monument on its side. The driver was wearing the seatbelt, however, none of airbags deployed and the driver was killed. The car was fully loaded with 8 airbags, including side curtain. Hyundai rep says "Airbags deploy only if the impact was within 30 degree angle from the sensor at over 30kph (19mph)". In other words, the rep is saying that the airbag was not deployed because the impact was not within 30 degree angle from the sensor and/or slower than 19mph, despite the car is severely damaged (especially on its side), obviously totaled and the driver with seatbelt on was killed. This could be a 'perfect storm' not to fire any of the airbag though. However, the issue is growing up in Korea as well as concerns regarding Hyundai Genesis' safety.

Get additional pics here:

http://www.bobaedream.co.kr/board/bulletin/view.php?code=national&No=276148&rtn=- %2Fboard%2Fbulletin%2Flist.php%3Fcode%3Dnational

http://www.bobaedream.co.kr/board/bulletin/view.php?code=national&No=276148&rtn=- - - - %2Fboard%2Fbulletin%2Flist.php%3Fcode%3Dnational


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    boycotthyundaiboycotthyundai Member Posts: 1
    In South Korea, On June 1st 2011. Wheather Raining.

    An old man was driving 2011 Full Package model(Highest model) Genesis Sedan.

    The genesis got skid on wet surface because it was raining fishtailed, and hit monument stone at the driver side door. The driver have passed away.

    Hyundai Officail Quot "the Airbags deploy only if the impact was within 30 degree angle from the sensor at over 30kph (19mph)".

    It was Highest model so, the eight air bag should been deployed but it did not.

    This is hyundai's Monopoly which Foreign customers get the best of Hyundai, cheap pirce, high quality.

    Korean customer is just some rats that get tested on before car goes on to Foreign market.

    Please boycott hyundai. The company is try to analyze the accident without notification to relatives and they are trying to hide what it caused.

    there are many other inccident, result of hyundai's monoploy. This is not the first time.
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    sergio19sergio19 Member Posts: 90
    This guy is spamming all the boards...clearly he works for another auto manufacture and is clearly jealous of Hyundai's success!

    Must be a dink to do something so low!
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    LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    You make it sound as though this has never happened to any other manufacturer before. Can you explain to me how all the airbags in a vehicle would deploy because a tire came into contact with a curb at less than 20mph? This happened to a customer of mine in a GM vehicle.
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    kdshapirokdshapiro Member Posts: 5,751
    So because it happened on a gm vehicle, which is hearsay to this board, it makes it acceptable on a Hyundai?
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    LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    No. It means don't bash Hyundai for something that happens to mostly all cars. Remember the old saying "---- happens".
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    msantanamsantana Member Posts: 1
    airbags mal fuctioning,they dont work !!! permalink


    I have a 2010 genesis in the US and the last week my son crashed it and the airbags didnt deploy, we are in the process to make a legal claim to the distributors and factory. the car was a total lost. HYUNDAI GENESIS IN THE UNITED STATES THE AIRBAGS DONT WORK BE AWARE !!!!!!
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    LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    This is not the first time that airbags didn't deploy in a car of any kind
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    onefunkaronefunkar Member Posts: 113
    the condition of the car has nothing to do with airbags going off. they work by weather or not you need the extra protection. they can go off with no damage to car if they feel you need them. the more the car bends the less likely you are to need them.
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