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Toyota Highlander Auto Door Locks Functions


We recently bought a 2005 Toyota Highlander V6 4WD Limited that came with the automatic door locks disabled (i.e., not locking the all the door locks when shifting out of park and not locking all the door locks when shifting into park).

My Sienna and 4Runner both lock and unlock the doors when shifting in and out of park.

I assume that this function was disabled by the previous owner. Can anyone tell me how to re-enable this function on my Highlander? I have searched the web to no avail.

Thank you!!!


  • moonlight293moonlight293 ILPosts: 23
    I have a 2005 Highlander also altho not the Limited edition. It did not come with automatic door locks as you described. Maybe it was a feature that the previous owner didn't want?
  • 2011 Highlander...trying to set/cancel the 'shift position linked door locking and unlocking function'. I've tried the steps in the manual, (Close doors, engine to 'on', shift to P--it's already in P, and then within 10 seconds press and hold the driver side lock/unlock button-depending on what function to set), but I can't get anything to work. The doors still lock when I shift out of park, and they still unlock when I shift back into park. I want to cancel both of these functions, but the steps in the manual aren't doing anything. Any suggestions? Thanks a lot!
  • what does the owners manual say about the auto p locks? i have a 2004 limited this feature was not avaible on mine, however its on my le camery go figure
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