What is this Alero worth,

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I am looking at an 02 with a V 6, it's a little rough, and the ABS and traction control light are on, as well as a check engine light. Claims it's the left front hub/sensor, and he will get it warranted (part only) and "Help" me install it. ( I don't need "help" installing it, it's about a 1 hour job)
Supposedly the oil and other services were kept after, and again, supposedly the intake gasket was already replaced 2 years ago.
There are 135,000 miles on it.
The hood needs painted and the left rear door and quarter are dented, with the front dog leg rusting out due to the dent. Rest of the inner fenders and wheel hole openings look solid.
Top of dashboard is messed up, "rippled" or like the fabric has come loose from the substrate.
He is wanting $1,500.00 I am wanting to pay only $1,000.00 due to the miles and the work needed.
I heard through the grapevine this is his girlfriends car, and she only wanted $800.00 for it, and he is just trying to make some money on the deal.
Or do you think it is worth $1,500.00

Only other option right now is to doctor up my 1994 escort wagon and try to get it inspected.
Inspection runs out end of june, 2011.


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    Thanks kirstie_h,
    Posting now,

    As far as these ABS light and traction control lights I have seen where a bad Hub/sensor will do this, As I have worked in a garage all my life.
    One time it was a hub we had replaced, and she took it to the dealer for the ABS light, and they told her it was the hub we had replaced. Another time it was a friends car.
    Both times the suspected hub sensor was reading "Open" across the leads with an Ohm meter.
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