Remove 2006 Grand Prix Rear Rotors

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I am trying to remove the rear rotors on my 2006 GP, so I can have them turned. I have removed the caliper and caliper mount and I also have removed the 2 clips that go over the studs. However the rotor is not budging. I have tapped it with a hammer but it want move.

Have I missed something, can I use a wheel puller to pull it off. Any advice is welcome.


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    The pistons turn. There are 2 indentations on the piston, and you have to crank it back. They rent a tool to do it at Advance Auto Parts. You will NOT be able to push it back without turning it, I broke 2 tools trying to do it without turning them.
  • oletrkguyoletrkguy Member Posts: 2
    Thanks for the help, although i did figure it out. I used a pair of needle nose pliers and turned them back in. I appreciate it
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