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I've owned a 2001 avalon since it was new and as it has been a great car I recently bought a 2006 in very good condition. The only problem that has come up is the comfort of the back of the driver's seat. I'm 6'5 and the back seems to press in the wrong places so that I can't get comfortable. When I test drove the car it felt great, but after a 45 min drive the discomfort has arisen. One theory is that the previous driver was short and the seat conformed to his curves causing a problem for me now. Any one else experience this? Any ideas on what to do? I considering having new foam installed.


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    You are by no means the first driver to praise the seat comfort of that earlier model of the Avalon. I have a 2004. Every time a new Avalon model comes out, my first evaluation is a seat comfort comparison - and all the subsequent models have simply not measured up.

    For me seat comfort is not a deal breaker. My wife, on the other hand, has significant back issues as a result of scoliosis, and her complete satisfaction with our 2004 is not replicated on later versions.

    My limited experience (one car of a different brand) in trying to adjust foam levels in the seat was not successful. Perhaps you will be more fortunate.
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    We had a 2003 XL.. best seats ever put in a car. Our '07 Limited is better car, all things considered, but the seats... 2003 had it right. You are not the first to notice the difference, there were many posts on this subject when the current generation Avalon first came out. Try and get used to it, enjoy the new car....... :)
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    +1 on the seats. I am sure somewhere in the Avalon fourms I have said it before. The 05+ is a better car in every respect to the prior generation except for the seats. Having said that, the 05+ is still plenty comfortable.

    I recently sat in a 2011, and if my memory serves me right pretty much the same as my 06. I really miss that car.

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