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2007 3500 cummins 5.9 24v auto 4x4 (Stumbles) I HAVE FOUND THE PROBLEM

jeffreyjamesjeffreyjames Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Dodge
Ok I have replaced the IP,APP,TPS, injectors,crank sensor, ect. I was having a problem when I started it up after 30 sec. or so the motor would stumble and idle up and stall (sometimes). I noticed a dead spot in my RPM between 900 and 1100 (with a slow and steady foot). and when off the pedal in a braking situation it would stumble and stall , the stumbling was often and stalling was 1 in 50. ok getting to the good stuff after $4000 worth of shop time,( parts and labor) it turned out if you use a plug and play electric brake controller pluged into the factory female plug located under dash to the left of the steering shaft. This missing would not send any codes and once it did, it showed a generic code of fuel delivery failure. this was not the case and miss led 15 diffrent techs! Iam not sure how it works but it is a shared ground. SULUTION.... un plug.....install all seperate braking wire harness witch is seperate from any factory installed. I hope this saves you from the total frustration and financial hit and more gray hair. P.S. i was using the PRODIGY 2 Digital brake controler sold at a U-Haul store
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