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Add me to the long list of sorry consumers who has purchased a Honda Odyssey and driven it off the new car lot with a known faulty component installed in it. That is, known by the company, not the innocent consumer who had paid a large amount of money into the coffers of what I now consider as a questionable company.

My vehicle is the 2007 model, purchased new, and my problem first showed up on a cold winter day after driving about a 170 continuous miles away from home. As I slowed down and came to a stop at my destination, I then noticed the loud noise coming through the firewall into the cabin. It sat overnight and no noise was detected until the next day after again driving for about three hours. Unfortunately by the time I reached the Honda dealership, the noise was again non-existent.

After many months of frustration, the vehicle is in today having the pump and reservoir changed. Honda “Goodwill?” is picking up a large portion of the bill but still trying to stick me with some of it. We aren’t done on this issue yet.

Now, we all know that things break and wear out, but it really bothers me that a company would sell to the public a vehicle model with a history of a known defect that stretches back to 2005, with TSB’s proving their knowledge of it. I wasn’t aware that this was a widely known problem until I Googled “Honda Power Steering Pump” this last weekend.

After spending several hours looking at the results of the search, one thing became obvious. Honda is gambling on this component not failing until after warranty expires, rather than doing the right thing and recalling it. My vehicle fell into what seems to be the common failure range of 39,000 to 42,000 miles when the failure became obvious.

Is it a safety issue? Of course it is. When I think of my wife or daughter driving this thing at highway speed and the possibility of a steering failure, or even getting involved in a slow speed accident because of a failure, it makes my blood boil. Adding to the safety issue and expense, the possibility of it failing while several hundred miles away from the nearest Honda dealership. When I asked the service manager what would happen if this pump failed at high speed he just shrugged his shoulders.

There are a few “Full Disclosure” laws that require that the buyer be informed by the seller of problem possibilities and dangers. An example is if you are selling your house. And I just saw on the news yesterday that cigarette manufacturers are being forced into an even more extreme disclosure of the dangers of their deadly product.

I am proposing that consumers contact your congressional membership and demand that Congress put into effect a consumer protection law that would require at the very minimum, that new car manufacturers and their dealerships disclose a history of known problems or defects in the vehicle models that they are selling to the individual buyer at or prior to the purchase. The disclosure could be based on the TSB’s issued by the company or NHTSA as a starting point, or other sources available. Where there might not be enough history on a brand new vehicle such a 2012, the disclosure would include prior year model histories, with clarification if the problem has been resolved for good.

The disclosure would be easily understood, complete, and certainly not in the fine print. If the companies decided to not issue TSB’s or hide the problems in some fashion then the FTC and both State and Federal Attorney General Offices should step in and prosecute. This would work as long as consumers were informed as to how to aggressively push their complaints so that histories could be developed.

It seems to me that if “Full Disclosure” were in effect, you would not have the issue such as this Honda Odyssey model repeating year after year the same bloody problem. If people are aware and sales go down, either the product is corrected, removed from the market, or the company fails.

One thing that I have learned from my small amount of research on this issue this weekend is that my future new vehicle purchases will include looking at the current and prior year TSB’s for the vehicle model I am interested in, rather than just Consumer Reports, etc.

My 2 cents, and your thoughts, support, and efforts for pushing this issue are appreciated.


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    Oct 28 2011

    Honda 2007 - 2010 - Recall for hard to turn steering wheel
    A notice has been issued to "owners" that a reimbursement is available for replacement of the power steering pumps.

    I replace my pump in July 2011. Cost = $465 at Honda Dealer

    c brush pittsburgh
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    Before my experience went all south with American honda and its deal in Frisco, TX. there was a piece of mail that came from Honda offering a refund if I had fix my steering pump, which I did. I turn in the paper work to get refunded. I was only given 30 days to turn that in. you can call american honda to see if they will still honor it. but with my horrible experience so far with them, I doubt that will ever happen. Good luck.
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    DO NOT TRUST THE HONDA STEALERSHIPS. They told me my high pressure line and power steering pump were leaking causing the whining noise when cold. They wanted $550 plus to install a new line and pump when the real problem was the inlet O ring which has been superseded by an orange viton type to stop the air leak which cause the whine and foaming in the reservoir. Honda should recall all V-6's with this problem but will not as it involves 100's of thousand Odysseys from 2005 to 2010. Research online to do the O ring repair before letting the Dealer Rip You Off. It is very difficult to get to the one single 10mm bolt to replace this defective O ring on the inlet line of the pump but a small swivel socket and 10mm stubby wrench works good. New Honda O ring part number is 91345-RDA-A01 and is a whopping $1.62. You also will need to top off your powers steering fluid with ONLY Honda/Acura Type.
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    I think that you can do that in other place or yourself. There is no need to pay them extra money for that IMO.
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    HI i got my recall letter from Honda USA to replace my power steering pump around the middle of 2011. I took my odyssey to Brickell Honda on 8th st miami fl and had service advisor Tony took care of it. My van was fine before that but now it squeaks and its very hard to turn the wheel, when it got colder in december/january and february the squeaking and hard turning the steering was very much annoying and very loud. I called back Tony from Brickell honda and he said that it should be ok with the new pump but you can bring the van back to verify but i could not because of my job and its hours of operation.
    I took the van recently to Brickell Honda because of the same issue and was told the repair estimate was under $600.00 plus Tax. Then i found our from Javier the service advisor that the Power Steering Pump was NEVER Changed but a Master Cylinder was changed instead. My brakes was never and issue so Why was it changed. The repair cost of $600.00 was ready quickly, I called HONDA USA to help me and was told NO they could not do anything after their Dealer RIP ME OFF AND HONDA USA. Our Home has currently 4 HONDA Vehicle 2 Odyssey's, a Civic and a CRV.
    I felt betrayed by the dealer Brickell Honda who Lied to us and that Honda after finding out their dealer's are Crooks did not even care.
    The sad story is that we bought the Civic in Sep 2010 from Brickell Honda and being a customer i took my odyssey to them for service trusting that the service will be done right.
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    i have a 2005 odessey with power steering problems. I heard there is a recall if anyone has the recall number I"ll try have the problem repaired by the dealer. Thanks
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    My 2010 Honda Odyssey started whining about a year or two ago, around winter time, and the steering has gotten worse and worse. It was over 45K probably when it started. Initially I didn't think much of it. I never received a recall notice for the steering pump, but I did get one recently for the fuel pump and about two years ago I was told by the Brown's Honda Dealer in Glen Burnie, MD that a sway bar/part of front axle (can't recall exactly) was recalled or Honda suggested it be replaced. Unfortunately I don't think Brown's did me any favors. Initially they said they didn't have the part and could get an aftermarket one locally, but then magically they had an OEM part. The noise never really went away. Back to the reason we're here ... I did locate a document from Honda authorizing an extension to the owner's warranty up to 7 years or 100K for the power steering pump; (2007-10 models) & (2006 model) Best of luck getting yours fixed! I just found out my extended warranty doesn't apply at my location, so I promptly cancelled it for a prorated refund and will put that and the PDF at the above link to work getting my power steering pump replaced.
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