Bench Seat vs. Bucket Seat

greg116greg116 Member Posts: 116
Most trucks these days come with bench seat standard, buckets optional. Personnally I prefer a bench for an extra passenger and the "straight-across" feeling a truck SHOULD have.

Whatre your reasons for buckets or benches? How much do you use the center console?


  • kit1404kit1404 Member Posts: 124
    I won't have them - must have bucket seats. The lateral support and just overall comfort to me is much better. Plus, I much prefer the center console on the bucket seats. The cupholders, if nothing else, are worth the buckets. But, they do cost more. And, you are right - the 3 across seating is something to consider, especially if you don't have an extended cab. For me - give me buckets everytime.
  • koontzykoontzy Member Posts: 9
    I love the bucket seats..the full seat seem funny looking ot me....I know fords dont have bucket seats(which hey should) also I like he console in the center on bucket seats.

  • cspauldingcspaulding Member Posts: 159
    If it's a regular cab or extended cab I would take the split bench...comfortable enough, but room for a 3rd person easily.

    We have buckets in our crew cab, and they are nice. We get a lot of use out of the counsole...CD storage, change, drinks, etc., but you can't "get close" too easy...the counsole is hard on the side... (more than you really wanted to know!!).
  • gulfguygulfguy Member Posts: 30
    I like the bench in my old Suburban. I nap on it on long road trips and that just isn't comfortable on buckets. The occassional 3rd passenger is a minor factore for me as well. Still when ordering my new HD crew cab I chose the leather full function buckets because of the greater adjustability and comfort on a long trip. (Apprentice geezers have bad backs and I spend more time awake in the seat than I do asleep)
  • sf0383sf0383 Member Posts: 204
    for several reasons. First and foremost it was a requirement of the boss ( read wife ) that the Crew cab be able to buckle in 6 passengers when needed. The bench in the 2500HD has a fold down arm rest/ console that can be used for storage. I have a 97 Tahoe with the buckets and I don't like the fact that the tracks that the fully adjustable platform sits on creaks and cracks like an old lawn chair when you sit in it. How many times do you need to adjust the seat once you get it set anyway? Finally another way I looked at it was I "traded" the bucket seat option for other options ( it's like $900 or something )and still kept the price of the 2500HD under the price of some of the 1500's with buckets. So I opted for "more" truck for the same or less money than a "loaded" 1500.
    Just my .02
  • mgdvhmanmgdvhman Member Posts: 4,157
    even with the seats are fine....5 passenger with a crew or is fine like I have now...but who cares about 6 passenger?

    I need/want the contour/lumbar/heat of a fine leather bucket.....not a hillbilly bench to have my honey right next to me....


    - Tim
  • jurp11jurp11 Member Posts: 8
    In another message at the top someone had said you went able to get bucket seats in a ford. Is this True? I was pretty sure that you could, I was looking into buying a ford Ranger but I have to have the bucket seats there just that much more comfortable.
  • greg116greg116 Member Posts: 116
    I didnt know F-150s didnt have bucket seats, but the Rangers do for sure. Edmunds has a full long-term test of one with bucket seats. I strongly suggest you read it.
  • shawn106shawn106 Member Posts: 16
    I ordered a 01 silverdo LS with the standard 40/20/40 bench.I think its a better value since its almost like a bucket seat design.My.02
  • lwittorflwittorf Member Posts: 96
    I to have the 40-20-40 seats in mine and like them real well except that for me they don't go back as far as I would like them to. Tried out a 150 ford and all you can get is the 60-40 and no power on the 60. My wife likes to sit next to me so you can't have any one in the back seat and pull the front up with out having the middle and pas. seat forward to much at least with the chev you can pull just the outside one up and give the back more room. We had 5 in ours the other day and they all said they were ok on a 160 mile trip. Hope you like yours also.
  • vince4vince4 Member Posts: 1,268
    The GM 40/20/40 is great. The two outboard seats are almost exactly the same as the bucket seats (no LT goodies though) with the center arm rest down. Yet you can carry a 3rd person or lie down across the bottom if you wish. I'm very happy with mine.
  • erikheikererikheiker Member Posts: 230
    The 40/20/40 is a very comfortable seat and is a must for me since I have a regular cab. The center seat back folds down and makes a very comfortable armrest. I've already had a third person with me, so I'm definitely glad I have a bench seat.
  • bigred17bigred17 Member Posts: 12
    I have two ford rangers with bucket seats, a suburban with bucket seats and a Toyota carry with bucket seats. I just ordered an ID 2500 8.1 I GMC with the 60/40 seats. Why? The fords allow me to use the hump for placing items. The suburban allows me the same luxury. The Toyota does not. I need the ability to move over to the passenger side without getting out of the truck. I need the hump on the floor to place items. The new truck would not allow me the flexibility to do these things so I ordered the 40/60 seat. I would also like to be able to have three people in the front seat which buckets do not allow me to do. I do not need this very often but when I do, I like the fact I can do this. I do not need the console that bucket seats offer as I only fill them up with items I do not need to carry with me. place items on the console and they only fall off onto the passengers seat and then I have to get out of the vehicle and pick them up. Do it enough times and you get tired of it.
  • jcmdiejcmdie Member Posts: 594
    I like the center console on the bench better and serves as a better arm rest. Arm rests on the buckets don't feel solid.
  • tucsonjwttucsonjwt Member Posts: 265
    on the seat and adjust my sitting position on long trips to get more comfortable. Also, I am unfortunately gaining weight and there may come a time when I need some of that middle seat to accomodate my expanding botom line. I'll bet that there are some overweight people who wouldn't be too comfortable in the bucket seat.
  • eagle63eagle63 Member Posts: 599
    F150's DO HAVE BUCKET SEATS!!!!!
  • kit1404kit1404 Member Posts: 124
    I have had bucket seats - and really good seats - in my Ford trucks since 1982. My 1999 F-150 4X4 XLT has the same buckets with power adjustments as the Lariet, without the leather, which I can't live with - we are just too dirty. Where did anyone get the idea that Ford trucks don't come with bucket seats? Go figure.
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