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Acura RDX Extended Warranty?

mrclemsonmrclemson Posts: 2
edited June 2011 in Acura
My wife's RDX's 4yr/50K warranty is about to expire, the car is currently at 4 years/40K miles. We just quoted for plan G58 (5 years, 80k miles, Coverage through 6/23/2016 or 80000 miles) for $975 with $0 deductible. She doesn't drive a lot, we live only about 4 miles away from her work place, so I figured 40K in 5 years should work for us.

Do you guys think it's worth buying? The car seems to work fine for us so far, we only had to get one of the rear strut replaced which was covered under warranty, but can't really predict what's going to happen in 5 years.

I am a little hesitant because the power train is covered by the original warranty in the next 2 years/30K miles, so I am basically paying 3 years/10K miles on power train + 5 years/40K on everything else

Any thoughts? Thanks!


  • mrclemsonmrclemson Posts: 2
    It's only $100 difference if we go with $100 deductible. So it's almost natural that we should pick the $0 option.
  • austinsaustins Posts: 9
    It breaks down to under $200 per year which isn't bad at all. If you're definitely keeping the vehicle for another 5 years it will pay for itself even if you only use it once or twice as far as AC/heating, major electrical or drivetrain issues go. Plus, you can always transfer or get a refund on it if you sell or trade the car.
  • oceogleoceogle Posts: 3
    Hi there,

    I am considering purchasing an 08 Acura RDX, loaded. I'm trying to research any common problems out there as I notice that there are a questionable high number of 08 RDX out there, literally 700+ currently for sale on I have never seen some many of one year and model. I don't seem to find anything that stands out as a concern?

    This is the first time to consider a used purchase and I'm hesitant as this plethera seems to be a red flag.
  • sam227sam227 Posts: 1

    Did you take the extended warranty from the dealer? i was given a quote of around $1900 for the same coverage that you mentioned (5 yrs 80k). Is it worth buying the warranty?
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