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All-New 2012 + Toyota Camry



  • bkcassellbkcassell Posts: 3
    edited October 2011
    Just bought a silver Camry SE 2012 about a week ago. Love, love, love this car! Rides smooth, looks great. Got Convenience pkg, Display audio with navigation and Entune pkg, leather pkg, moonroof pkg, carpet floor mats, and back bumper scratch resistant applique for 28,395.00 OTD. Couldn't get them to take any less. Live in Central Illinois. We could have saved another 200.00 to buy at another dealership but would have to have driven 1 1/2 hrs there and back. Probably didn't get the greatest deal but am really happy with my Camry. By the way, wouldn't you think that floor mats would come with a new car?????
  • Floor mats are additional $150 or so list, they do not come with the car. Some can come as all weather some can come to include trunk mats and even a trunk net. Yes it looks like a rip off, and it has a high margin of profit but this is how it is... i.e. all dealers do that. You can ask the dealer's invoice and you will see it on there from the regional distributor

    Howeverm you can do a special order, within the trim you buy and the options packages for the trim and their conditions (e.g. cannot get leather without moonroof etc). Then you can select even a base trim without any options or even without any mats (which will have original Camry embedded in them). You may need to wait 4-6 weeks for that if no local or national dealer has what you want, but its possible.
  • I currently have a deposit placed on a loaded XLE (including floor mats), for a silver car they should be getting in any day. southern california, The agreed upon deal is $50 under invoice, $200 more than the trucar deal I brought in- but that was for a dealer 128 miles away. I am reading people are getting 800-900 under invoice? should I hold out for a better deal? Total price out the door is 33357. My tax rate is .0725 and government fees are 349.785 (sometimes you just have to love cali). Good enough? Or try for better?
  • adotadot Posts: 4
    getting my 28,000 out the door.
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,042
    Most of the posts about pricing are in our Camry Prices Paid discussion. We like to keep most of that conversation over there rather than splitting it up between topics, so that members can find all of the pricing posts in one place for comparison.


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  • What was invoice? The car i'm looking at has every option available.
  • Bought a beautiful new 2012 Camry SE..... and just a couple of days later, the electric steering system completely failed while making a left turn and nearly got broadsided by a semi truck!!!!!!!!!!!

    Had it towed to a Toyota dealer and they will call after diagnosing it.

    I've had some unreliable cars but never in my life had one nearly kill me a few days in to ownership! Just glad it did not occur while on the freeway or else....

    So do I have any recourse or am I stuck with this death trap? Obviously, I don't trust it anymore. Can I force Toyota to give me a different car?

    I thought Toyota was all about safety now after the past couple of years. I guess I was wrong to trust it.
  • Would you please send me additional information concerning the Steering issue you claim.

    I would like the dealer information so I may contact them and see what the defect was. This is of concern to me since I just purchased a 2012 Camry myself.


  • ypak1ypak1 Posts: 3
    Same issue here.

    I bought the 2012 Camry SE and few days later, the electric steering system completely failed while making a left turn. Dealer still has the car for last 5 days and can't seem to get the part and/or fix the issue.

    Having had 2007 Toyota Camry for 200K, 2012 Toyota Camry SE seems to be very unreliable. Is this pattern that we will be seeing ?
  • Yes please post the name of the dealerships your cars are at. You're allowed to on Edmunds. I'm sure any of us considering an 2012 would like to get some more info.
  • ypak1ypak1 Posts: 3
    Here's update on the car:

    I was told that there was a complete failure of the computer inside the car. They are waiting for the part to show up from Toyota to replace it.

    If this is type of quality in 2012 Toyota Camry, it doesn't bode too well...
  • Do they at least give you a rental car while waiting for the parts?
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    If you read the warranty, yes, Toyota will give you a free rental if they have to keep your car for overnight or longer.

    I know when the 2007 came out, which was the first year of the last generation Camry, they had some problems, but they were fixed under warranty. I see now that the 2007 Camry is quite reliable in CR and TrueDelta.

    Anytime you buy the first of a new model year, even Toyota and Honda, you will get more trips to the dealer to get problems fixed. But it does not mean that the car will be terrible for the long run. Honda's new Odyssey, GM's Cruze, and Ford Fiesta just got very bad reliability rankings in the latest Consumer Reports, but I bet they will be better once the bugs get worked out.

    I try to avoid a new model (the 2012 Camry is brand new) if possible, but I am sure it will get worked out soon. Could be just one batch of computers from their supplier that is bad. I would avoid the very first of the new generation of any cars, because this kind of thing is bound to happen. The 2012 being sold now are some of the first built, so if you have to have the newest of the new, then you should expect a few bugs that will have to be fixed.

    Good luck, I am sure things will get worked out and you will be happy soon.
  • Really? A "complete" failure of the computer insisde the car? I detect BS. I've delt with some honest dealerships before, but never one that honest. I also notice you have a commentary about Toyota at the end of each of your posts. Where did you buy your SE and what dealership is it located at now I'll ask again.
  • hecephecep Posts: 10
    I'm also detecting the whiff of a small furry whiskered mammal. If people can by the hundreds of thousands post critical reviews (at the plethora of online review sites) of a maker's product or service without having been sued for defamation (assuming that's their fear, however valid), then they should feel comfortable posting the name of the dealer who is merely handling the warranty repair, and without fear of retribution. The maker did not make the car. And it's the build of the car that's in question. Funny though: When I posted a request on Toyotanation for dealer info from maydepot (yes, he posted his "death trap" tale there also), one of the moderators there defended maydepot's silence on the matter. Then, after I made the same argument there as I did here, that same moderator got more than just a little defensive. What's going on here? Show me the last time a Car & Driver or Motor Trend reviewer go sued for effectively saying that a car stank up the road?
  • hecephecep Posts: 10
    Editorial correction to my previous post: "The DEALER did not make the car. " :)
  • Just bought a 2012 Camry SE last Monday and so far driven about 375 miles. I got $1551 discount off the posted price, plus 0% for 60 months. So far I have not encountered any issues. By far the best Camry I have ever owned/driven. And I owned/driven all Camry's since 1987. Looks gorgeous too! :(
  • ypak1ypak1 Posts: 3
    Well, local Toyota dealer service person was lying about the issue. Service manager is now saying it was an issue with Power Steering ECU assembly (and not complete computer failure), and waiting for the replacement part from Japan. Don't know whether I could trust them. I will hold my judgement until the car gets fixed. It has spent more days in the dealership service department than being driven.
  • I have a 2008 VW Jetta which also has an electric power steering. Never had any problems with that. So much for "reliable" toyotas. I keep telling everyone, toyotas and hondas are just over-hyped. My 08 Jetta still drives like a new car while my accord has always had some strange un-fixable problem with it.
  • camry2012camry2012 Posts: 2
    edited November 2011
    I bought new 2012 Camry LE in October. After Driving for a week I noticed a weird sound coming in Driver Side Door(don't know exactly where it is coming from but only driver can hear it ) when driving on interstates.
    It sounds like a whistle, you need to pay attention to it, to hear that.

    Took it Toyota dealership and complained on that. They said other cars on the inventory making same kind of noise. I drove a new car on their inventory to make sure, and it is making the same sound I complained about.

    They turned down my complaint saying working as designed because other 2012 Camrys are making the same sound.

    I drove few other cars Accord and Altima, they don't make that sound. Don't know how this is not found before releasing the product into market.

    How can we inform this to toyota? Is there anything that can be done with this kind of issue?

    Is anyone hearing this sound on their new 2012 camry?
  • Yes, there is definitely a noise. I noticed this noise when I first test drove it, then I test drove another to make sure it wasn't just that car. It drove me crazy when I was test driving it but my husband said I wouldn't even notice it with the radio on and he's right. It comes from upper left drivers side middle (between the two doors) and it sounds like a whistle. Louder at 80 than 60 ect. I only notice it on the freeway. I had a VERY nice car before this one so I could find something wrong with all the cars in this price range. They all have a certain extent of noise compared with the pricer ones. Overall I am still pleased with my loaded XLE, and the 11 or older was off the table due to unexceptable interior.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Well, one person with this problem makes some say "So much for reliable Toyotas?"

    There are going to be problems with a new generation car, from ANY manufacturer. The question is how will the car hold up over the next 100,000 plus miles? So far, Toyotas, Hondas, even the first year of a new generation, are very reliable over the long haul. However, unlike the past, most new cars are very reliable from ANY manufacturer.

    The only problem is there is no data, including personal experiences, CR, and TrueDelta, that can give you a perfect picture of what is a reliable car. Your best bet is to use as many data sources as possible to get that information, and if you do this, Toyota & Honda still beat VW & many others for overall reliability. However, some don't care about that - fortunately, we live in a free country so you can choose what is important to you.

    It will be interesting to watch the 2012 Camry to see how it goes. Will it be better than the old one? At first, the 2007 had some problems, but they seem to have cured those - CR had the 2007 Camry rated pretty low reliability-wise for a few years, but now it is above average, indicating the problems were fixed. Other data sources show the same as CR.

    Best wishes to all with the 2012s - my guess, it will be a great car. My 2007 & 2010 are great! Had a few minor issues with the 2007, all easily corrected under warranty, been perfect for years ever since.
  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    I would take it back to the dealer, or even a different dealer, and have them go on a drive WITH you, and make sure they hear the noise. This is a BRAND new model, so there could be a problem that is unknown right now. At the least, you will get the complaint in the database, and Toyota Corporate will look into it, especially if it is happening to more than just your car.

    Hang in there!
  • Thanks for replying on that. The technician at the dealership, drove with me and noticed the same sound.

    In addition to that I forgot to mention another sound that I am hearing - it is in the rear window on the passenger side.
    When there is a cross breeze on the interstate, it makes kind of humming noise in the window(sounds like a loose window glass shaking. But everything looks fine with the door/window). The technician has noticed that too on other new Camrys. We dont have this sound on the rear window on drivers side.
  • steverstever Posts: 52,683
    A reporter is interested in talking with parents who own a 2012 Volkswagen Passat, Mazda 3, Chevy Cruze Eco, Honda Civic Hybrid, Chevy Sonic, Honda CR-V, Toyota Camry and Toyota Prius V. If you are interested in commenting on your experience, please reply to no later than Friday, November 30, 2011 and include your city and state of residence, the model year of your vehicle and the age of your child/ren.
  • It is my understanding that Camrys are packaged with different options depending on the region of the country. For example, here in the northeast it seems that all the SE V6 Camrys come bundled with the moonroof, leather seats and the convenience package. Is there a website that shows how cars are 'packaged' in different parts of the country?

  • mcdawggmcdawgg Posts: 1,680
    Just use the website, and put in your location, and put in other locations. Or use Edmunds and put in different zip codes, and you can see how the cars are packaged. When I got my 6 speed manual Camry, they did not sell them in my region - I had to go a few hundred miles to a different region to get one.
  • alan_salan_s Posts: 362
    My Maxima lease is coming up soon, so I looked at the 2012 Camry this weekend out of curiosity. It was a loaded XLE V6. The initial impression from the exterior is that of a small car, and a pretty boring one at that. It looks more of an update to the 2002 Camry than the previous bulbous generation.
    Hyundai, Kia and just about every other manufacturer must be laughing at Toyota's "latest". Heck, even the soon to be replaced Altima and Mazda 6 look and feel more upscale than this, and the Hyundai and Kia designs just blow it away.
    Nothing looks premium or particularly special in the Camry. I didn't like the interior either. The material quality appears better than the previous generation, but the dynamics and aesthetics are very truck-like. The blocky dashboard and segmented areas look like a pickup interior. Nothing special whatsoever and certainly nothing to suggest anything approaching a "cheap Lexus". Just a gussied-up middle-market car.
    I looked at the sticker and laughed... $33,000 !!!! No thanks, I'll keep my Maxima. I didn't even bother driving the Camry.
    As I climbed back into the sexy, sinewy, feline lines of my snickering Maxima, the Germanic-like thunk of the door and the high quality two tone cockpit interior with perforated leather seats felt several classes above the Camry, at around the same price.
    Boy, Toyota really lost it this time.. and to think, I used to drive Avalons.
  • vly1vly1 Posts: 7
    edited November 2011
    The interior of the XLE V6 2012 looks like a Ford product which is of low quality. I just brought a Toyota Camry 2011 XLE V6 for $25,000 OTD with 8.75% taxes included in New Orleans. I am surprised that the 2011 Camry XLE V6 was alot smoother than the 2012 Camry XLE V6. The ride quality for the 2012 was bumpy even when i corrected the tire pressure to factory setting at 33psi. The 2012 has a few more gadgets and a tighter turning radius but that it. The 2011 had a better quality build to it and the 2011 rides smoother than the 2012.

    I really wanted to buy the 2012 Camry for the new look but the 2011 had a nicer ride.
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