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Eclipse computer problems

ntitusntitus Member Posts: 1
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I bougth a 93 Mitsubishi Eclipse GS around 5 months ago and it hasn't been a particularly good experience. Its transmission was rebuilt at 40000 miles. It has 82000 miles on it now.
I had always felt that its acceleration was not as good as some cars with smaller engines. It was giving me a mileage of about 20 mpg.
A couple of weeks ago, the engine began giving problems. Every time the rpm falls below 1000, the engine stalled. I had to keep the accelerator depressed with riding on the brakes at the same time to keep the engine from shutting whenever I needed to stop. My mileage fell even further to about 12 mpg.
The mechanic I took it too felt that all that was needed was a tune up. Once that was done he said the engine was "running better". However, the pressure in the fuel lines was 57 psi when it is supposed to be 37 psi. He said he was working on it but hasn't been able to solve the problem for over a week. Now he claims that one of the cylinders is not getting any fuel and that gas was flowing out of the exhaust.
He says that the fault lies with the computer chip, that it wasn't firing the injectors the way it should. He said replacing the chip would solve my mileage problems and eliminate the engine "skip"
Any help with identifying what is wrong with my car is appreciated


  • realjagfanrealjagfan Member Posts: 1
    I had a 92 Eclipse GS that because I spent alot of timne on the road had 85K miles on it in 1997. I had the exact same problem you are experiencing. I didn't bother taking it to a mechanic, I took it to the dealer where I bought it. That is where they diagnosed the problem with the computer system. They told me at the time that an after market system would cost about $600 but because Mitsubishi has had problems with that system they replaced it for free. Hope you have the same result.
  • alcanalcan Member Posts: 2,550
    If fuel pressure is over spec, the fuel pressure regulator is defective or the vacuum hose to it is split, pinched or disconnected.
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