CEL at high speed - '99 OB/MT

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With late 1990s OB/MT's, is there any known problem with the CEL coming on at high speed, showing misfire on cylinders 1 & 2 (P0301, P0302)? I ask because that happened the other day - 76 mph, 3463 rpm, 8inHG MAP - with a CCR engine under warranty. Wires and coil are within specs. CCR claims this is a known problem that Subaru didn't fix and can be lived with. Sounds awfully fishy to me and my Subie mechanic on a number of levels, but just thought I'd check here to see if anyone had heard of it (I'm asking this on a couple of forums in case you come across it elsewhere). Thanks,


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    Spark or fuel, and you've looked at spark already. Plugs are OK?

    I would have guessed coil or spark plug wires also.
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    Pleae note that your reply doesn't speak to my question. In any case, in the opinion of my experienced indie Subie mechanic who's dealt with several of these before, your suggestion doesn't speak to the likely problem: valves too tight. Not guaranteed, and a relatively costly place to start, but compare that to the time and cost of the alternative of going step by step through wires, plugs, coil, etc., etc. Pay your money, take your chances.
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