08 Chrysler Town and Country Oil Problems

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My oil light came on today one time. When I got home, I checked my oil and it was completely EMPTY! Not a drop of oil in the driveway so I would love to know where all of it went? Calling the dealership in the morning. I'm afraid to even drive the car. PS I had the oil change 2200 miles ago.

Plus why would the warning light wait so long to come on? If I drove any further I could have ruined my engine.

Anyone else having oil leaks/burning oil?


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    I do not think it is completely empty, the level may be just below the reach of the oil sensor and dip stick. If you add oil things may go back to normal.

    You have to find out where the oil went/goes, though. If you do not change the oil yourself, always check it at home right after the shop completes the job, that way you know you have the proper level.

    I would check the oil weekly after an experience like that in order to get a feel for how much it is losing.
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    Turns out that my van had a leak and all the oil was leaking into the lower mainfold! Of course under warrenty and was repaired.

    However its not October 2011 and I'm having the same problem. The dealership did an oil change and one month later the oil light is on and only 2 quarts in the engine. Waiting for answer from Chrysler.
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    It is now January 2012 and once again between oil changes (still have 1500 miles before next one) and my van is low on oil again!!!

    This time the dealerships says the PCV valve needs to be replaced. Okay, so I'm looking online and most websites say it should be replaced with oil changes once a year. So the van is 3 yrs old, several oil changes and several complaints of burning oil and now I'm being told its the PCV valve. C'mon Chrsyler get it it straight and fix the car right the first time! :lemon:
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    We have the same issues. We have been doing oil consumption for 20,000 miles and Chrysler keeps on saying that the consumption is normal. Obviously not if so many people are having this issue. We are afraid we will have to have our engine rebuilt. Our dealership actually said there was a fix (or they lead us to believe this), but since it was out of warranty, we would have to pay and it is big $$$$. So much for standing behind your vehicles. Chrysler should issue a recall for this vehicle.
    We even tried to trade it in for another TnC and the dealership was trying to say the van had an oil issue, even though it is the SAME dealership who has been telling us all along that the consumption is normal. If its normal, then it shouldn't be an issue as a trade in should it?
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    Don't let the dealer rip you off. I was told that any oil leaks were covered under the lifetime powertrain warranty! I would continue to go back to the dealer until you are satisfied. I would also call Chrsyler. That's what I did and they paid for a 5 day car rental! Don't give up.

    My last oil consumption test was just short of not passing the test. I had the PCV valve replaced. It was $60 it have replaced. Too early to tell if that's the fix.
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    My 2008 T&C minivan consumes about a quart of oil every 1000 miles and Chrysler tells me this is fine. They don't consider it a problem until you consume 1 quart every 800 miles.

    I have replaced the PCV valve and air filter based on other posts, this did not help.

    My advice to everyone out there is to never buy one of these vans. They have had 4 recalls and this oil consumption policy... Nice company.

    Hey Chrysler, Spend less on the commercials and more on making good vehicles.
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    I'm got so tired of Chrysler dragging their feet on dealing with my issues that I filed Lemon Law. My lawyer filed a claim and Chrysler has responded stating they will have an offer for me in 6-8 weeks. Even if they don't buy back the van, some kind of cash settlement would be vindication that I was right. As soon as I get $$$ I will be trading this POS in! :lemon:
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    Wow, I thought I was the only one experiencing these problems with their van. We have had our van for 3 years and had no problems with it until just the last 6 months or so...and it has been doing the same things all of you are describing. Now I don't know what my next step should be. Any thoughts?????
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    I have a 2008 T&C that started to use oil Chrysler says you can use from one to one and a half qts of oil in a thousand miles and this is normal. How do you like good old Chrysler. I asked the Chrysler customer rep to pls sent me an email stating that, she replied that they CAN'T email. Chrysler, billions in tax payer money, and they can't email you. Asked how do I get info she gave me an address to write and MAYBE they would sent the tech information.
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    Stand your ground with the dealership and Chrysler. I call Chrysler every time I have a problem. A few months ago I started a oil consumption test. They told me 3 times and then they would decide whether or not to pull the engine apart. About 2 weeks ago, I went back and I had burned thru 2.5 qts in less than 2000 miles. Over the 1 qt per 1000 miles which is a industry standard for all cars! Don't let them tell you different.
    Well they told me at that visit that I had 2 more tests...which I said this was my second time. I have one more test. They keep trying to get away with as much as they can.
    I also already filed Lemon Law for all of the issues that I have been having. Just a few more weeks until Chrysler has to get an offer back to me!
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    Back at the dealer again!!!

    Burned 3 quarts of oil in 2589 miles! I went to the dealer on Fri, 6/8 for the oil warning light on. I went back in the after to be told there was nothing to be fixed and they filled it with oil and sent the info to Chrysler. At that point I refused to take possesion of my van until the service manager called Chrysler and I had a better answer.
    Chrysler advised the dealership to do oil compression & leak down on each cynlinder. My van as been at dealership since Fri, 6/8. It's going on Wed, 6/13 and I have no answers and the service manager will not return my calls.

    The Lemon Law case was "denied" by Chrysler. The lawyer is working on taking it to the next level since this is the 4th failed oil consumption test.
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    My 2008 T&C with 100k miles began using 1 qt every 1000 miles. No oil dripping from van. At the 5 year engine power train inspection the dealer replaced the lower intake manifold gasket. It was a warrantied repair. 1500 miles later and the oil is down about 1/2 pint. Seems to have fixed the problem.
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    I recently had an oil change. Yes, it was down a quart. They suggested an oil flush. It was added to the service. I have now put 2000 miles on the car. The dip stick is at full. If you haven't applied this extra step, perhaps that is yours and everyone's else problem. The T&C is the best mini van on the market.

    Nuff said.
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    Best minivan??? Really?
    So good that I'm waiting for an offer from Chrysler from our Lemon Lawsuit!

    My transmission is going, on 4th set of brakes, sliding doors that closed on my kids and too many other problems to even list!!!

    Oh and my van only has 45,000 miles on it!

    My 99 Ford Explorer with 230,000 is in better shape!

    By the way, an oil flush is a dealer rip off. It can actually do more damage to an engine. I hope for you that's not the case.
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    I was also concerned about oil usage. However, I spoke to a very reliable source. He shared the following.

    To increase mileage, the 20/50 blend has been incorporated into this vehicle. It is a much thinner weight, thus it will be used quicker then the ole 10/30. This is normal. Bottom line....check the levels once a month. If it needs to be topped off, just do it.
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    Sorry to hear about your particular vehicle. However this is my 6th T&C/Caravan. All I have done through the years is normal maintenance. Couldn't be happier.
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    Chinatown it's not just her "particular vehicle" , this is a large problem with thousands of people with this issue. Just top it off? We're not talking about a 1/4 or so every 3000 at a oil change, we're talking about 3 or more FULL QTS low every 3000 miles. 
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    All engines use oil, the real decision for when the use is excessive or not comes down to problems that affect the engines operation such as fouling the spark plugs. The majority of the problems that you see being reported have a common cause, and it was using products (engine oil) that failed to meet the specifications for the engines. API and ILSAC specs alone did not guarantee that the oil was correct for someone's car. The oil should also have been approved for Chrysler specs MS6395 N and R, just like GM cars had the 6094M and 4718M specs that were in addition to the API SM and ILSAC GF4. The additional requirements targeted the oil's ability to prevent piston ring deposits among other needs. When deposits cause the rings to stick, oil consumption increases. At one quart in a thousand miles that that level of consumption is insufficient to recommend a repair. So just get in the habit of checking the oil and adding as required and enjoy your car. There is no doubt you don't like it, but it isn't broken.
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    Just looking for opinions. I have a 2008 T&C with 130,000 Miles. Never had an oil problem but about 3000 miles ago I brought it for an oil change and the serviceman told me there was no oil, the dipstick was dry when before he changed the oil. I was surprized as I never had a problem before. I forgot about it, and recently I saw the oil light chime come on and go off quickly. I checked and sure enough, I had to add 3 quarts. I see no oil drips. Anyone have any experience or opinion as to what the problem could be?
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    We have been loyal Chrysler minivan customers since the mid-'90s.
    I think we are on our 5th one.
    We have three presently a 2016 Town and country and a 2008 Town and country. And a 2003 grand caravan.
    The wife drives the new one. And everyone else drives the older ones until that is no longer possible.

    Anyway, I digress.
    This is in regards to the 2008 TC with the 4.0.
    We purchased it used from a dealer we like. it was a trade-in from an older couple who drove it in Michigan in the summer and Arizona in the winter. Seems to be common use for Town and countries.

    Was in a pristine condition not a speck of rust. And had been properly maintained.
    This was 2015 with 120,000 miles on the van. I paid a premium because of the condition.
    The wife wanted it because it had EVERY conceivable option she liked.

    This was a stop-gap purchase. Since we were still paying for a Ford Escape that we gave to my daughter when she graduated from college. My wife HATED!!!! the Escape. I suspect that was because I talked her into buying it when she wanted a new minivan.
    Anyway, I digress ( Again)

    I did notice right away, on our first trip. Will use a quart of oil almost instantly.
    At first, I was very concerned about this. But I also noticed that the oil level never once went below a quart low.
    I just figured that's where it wants to be. So I left well enough alone.
    After reading some of these comments. I think I will swap out the PCV valve.
    I have never replaced it. So might as well.

    I am the primary driver now. The wife drives it in the winter and we park the 2016. I drive it in the summer.
    It just turned over 180,000 It is starting to show the effects of Minnesota salt. But in all honesty.
    I have nothing to complain about with this van.

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