Brand New 2011 2.5x Premium AC (Evaporator) Problem

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Hi all

I am in the New York area and leased a 2011 2.5x Premium 3 weeks ago (!) and yesterday the AC stopped cooling (blows hot air). I took it to the dealer - the service guys looked at it, took it apart and said the evaporator needed to be replaced. They have ordered a new evaporator from Subaru (apparently sent back the current one) and I should get the car back tomorrow.

I am wondering if this is a bad omen for the quality of car/AC parts in general, and if I have/should seek any legal recourse to get a new vehicle. I don't want to over-react but for the AC to blow up in 3 weeks for a brand new car is not my idea of "quality."

I would appreciate any help from experienced members on this board.

Thank you!


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    Not a common issue so I imagine you'll get it back and never see that problem again. We're on our 2nd Forester and it's been flawless.
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    I agree. It is for that very reason we have warranties on vehicles. In any machining process, there is never 100% success. Of course, that is still a tough pill to swallow when it is your car that has the problem. :sick:
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    Thanks all for your replies - appreciate it. Got it back - evaporator replaced - so far so good!
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