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Chrysler 300M Owners: Meet the Members



  • easyrider300measyrider300m Posts: 1,116
    there is an Auto Show in Massachusetts featuring antique and classic Chryslers and Dodges. Its on May 6th at Larz Anderson Park's Museum of Transportation. This would be a great place for a 300M meet as well. So try to make it.

    I will be driving my silver Y2K 300M. Maybe I'll see you there.

    Link for park:

  • Hi Folks,
    Found out about these forums on Edmunds and Yahoo!when I joined the Chrysler 300M Enthusiast Club.

    Love my 1999 300M:
    Deep Slate Gray Pearl Coat
    Deep Slate Gray Leather interior
    Power heated seats
    AM/FM/Cassette/CD- no changer
    17" Chrome "RazorStar" wheels
    Goodyear Eagles
    56K miles, 3500 of 'em mine

    Bought in January at with 53K miles, have had no troubles like some I've read about since I've owned her. But that's probably because it was traded in by a now retired Chrysler Regional Service executive who had all scheduled maint. and I'm sure the TSB's done at the dealers he visited in it. I've got all her service records.

    Awesome car excellent handling and suprising { to others ;-) } power. I've loved every mile I've owned it for. I spotted an IDENTICAL 99 300M last week for sale. Thinking of buying it for my wife who loves "Her" car and getting us plates 300MNM1 and 300MNM2. (FYI, both our names start with M). Only trouble would be with picking the right car on the first try without cheating.

    Mike Edmonds
    Knoxville, TN
  • sibesibe Posts: 102
    Just got a 2001, 300M for the wife(600 miles on the clock - no not that one the OTHER clock) after convincing her that a Toyota Camry is NOT what she wanted 8-)
    17" rims,
    silver with taupe leather (couldn't get her to agree to the black...),
    full spare,
    side impact ab,
    lux package.
    300M bra
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,095
    This week's topic:

    My vehicle is better than yours because....

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  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471 check it out email me ANY ideas u have for customizing. put in the k&n, tint just got done, wood kit is on its way, im in toying with taking out my clock like some have done but im afraid i may mess something up......
  • dcmbigdogdcmbigdog Posts: 1
    Hello Everyone! I have a 2000 Silver 300m that I can honestly say is probably the most fun to drive car I have ever had. 8-) It's loaded except PHP, but what makes it stand apart from other Silver 300's is the black 300m bra on the front. If you have a Silver 300m, invest in a $125.00 bra. You'll stand alone against the rest!
  • redravenredraven Posts: 1
    no you sick people, not me, my 300M. The one thing that concerns me is fading. My M is an inferno red, any suggestions?
  • avalanche165avalanche165 Posts: 558
    u jsut gotta make sure not to leave it on forever, gotta give it tiem to breathe, maybe 2 weeks, then a day off. i only put mine on when i drive long distance.........
  • kenvankenvan Posts: 19
    Red raven: You can get an Invisible Bra. I got one from and ticker film for the lights, and put it on myself. It's great, and you can't see it unless you are 2" away, and then only the edge of it. It lasts 5 years, it doesn't hurt the paint and it is removable.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    where did u find this?
  • smittydsmittyd Posts: 23
    I've had my M two months and it's going in for the 3000 mile oil change and checkup tomorrow. It's black, taupe interior, chrome wheels, stereo upgrade and sunroof. My only modification, so far, is desert smoke window tint which really sets off the bad, black Chrysler. You can see it here

    I'm thinking seriously about the dual exhaust mod to make it "talk" a little louder and breathe a little freer! What do you think?

    MOPAR or no car!
  • kenvankenvan Posts: 19
    These were the best prices I could find...

    I got the Headlight film (Covers all 6 front lights on your 300M for $40) at:

    I got the paint protection film at:

    invinca-shield 1-888-339-1385

    Works best to wear thin latex surgical type gloves during install to prevent finger prints. I'm really happy with the install. Check mine out at (actually, you can't even see them in this pic; I'll have to take some where you CAN see the plastic)

  • Hi. Has any other 300m (2001) owner ever experience engine knock when starting the car after sitting for a day? I did and got a real bad engine knock. Dlr says nothing wrong. But it was bad and blew smoke and ran rough and stunk. Also having some irregulartity with shifting. Coming to a stop and starting out right away, the tranny can't seem to find the gear fast enough.
    Is ANYONE else experiencing these problems with their new 300? This (new) 300 only has 3k miles on it.
  • phases78phases78 Posts: 471
    if your talking about the clicking sound when u start it, thats normal, all M's LHS's and concords do it, theres nothing wrong. if theres an actual KNOCK, then theres somthing up. as far as the rough and stinky, and smokey, ride, thats not anything ive heard about..
    as far as the not finding the gear fast enough, mine does that too. my person opinion, the autostick feature is somewhat new, that may be a side effect of some sort. either way i think you need to take it in to your dealer and having them look at it.....

    p.s. u should post questions like this in the regular board, the one iwth like 5000 msgs.... thats where we all hang..
  • THanks for the response. Dlr still has the car...has had it for 5 days. Thinks its bad gas....oh yea? Well we will see. Thanks for the tip on where to post too.
    It was definitely knocking not ticking. Has't done it since so see what the Dlr and D/C comes up with.
  • I see these Dunlops are top rated by Tirerack. My OEM Michelins are wearing out at 28,000 miles and I may need a replace this winter. Anyone have any experience with the Dunlops. My 300M is a 1999 with PHP.
  • Have a 1994 Audi 100s with Dunlops for the past 17,000 miles, they may go to 25,000, even with rotations every 6,000. Maybe not.
  • sj75sj75 Posts: 3
    Hi all,
    Bought my 300M, deep slate ext., with all the gizmos inside in Jun 2000. Haven't had too many problems other than windows creaking upon closing, replacement of the front passenger butt heater switch and a left suspension arm controller which happend just today. The main thing that bothers me is the window creaking. Have been to 3 5* dealers till now and no resolution. Has anyone managed to resolve it? If so, please let me know.
  • ceikostceikost Posts: 30
    I had that on my 2000 M on the drivers door.

    They replaced the window regulator and its been fine ever since.
  • I drive a 1999 Chrysler 300M with GoodYear P225/55 R17 Eagle tires mounted on the Factory Installed Chrome Rims. From the day of purchase in November 1999, I have had difficulty getting a good balance on these Tires. As a matter of fact, GoodYear exchanged my tires after only 15,000 miles. Since the exchange, I have had trouble maintaining the recommended tire pressure on one wheel. The GoodYear Dealership maintains that it's a rim problem. I feel that it is a tire problem. Had anybody else experienced this problem. If so, can you recommend a solution.
  • I have same tire and wheel size. Difficulty can be lack of camber adjustment at the front tires so the tires feel always out of balance. Have dealer work on the rear camber which is adjustable (I believe) as to minumize the front problem. This can be done.There is no fix for the front chamber. Hopefully it left the factory within spec.
    If the wheel balancing tech uses too thick of a lead balancing weight, it will get a slow leak where that weight is unless you pressurize the tire high enough to compress the wire sidewall as to seal the leak ( not a finial solution). My tire guy used a sealing compound to seal the whole tire to rim area. Worked OK. Hope this helped.
  • I noticed that I had acquired a rattle/knocking noise from under my 300M when going over the tiniest of bumps. Of course Big'O tires charged me to replace darn near everything but the bushings in an attempt to quiet the noise. Unfortunatly I could only pacify the problem by turning up my infinity stereo system. I took my 99 into the dealership because I also noticed that her steering was losening up and since reading some posts on here, I hoped that the rattle, as in other 300M's in this forum could be from the rack and pinion steering box. YOU WERE RIGHT!!!! The steering box needed to be replaced. I just picked her up last night and she drives with no rattle and the steering is perfect. Oh, and that light show I was getting when my headlights were on was fixed by replacing the light switch. No more disco ball effects while driving at night lol. Cost me 1,400 dollars due to a worthless warranty, But I think the dealership must have felt a little guilty about it because they cleaned her up! So, if your hearing a rattle from under the car, and nobody seems to know where it's coming from.....CHECK YOUR STEERING BOX!
  • I live in cali and fell in love with the 300m the first time I saw it shown at Pier 39 in San Francisco in 1999. Bought a loaded 99 with only 35,000 miles from a chrysler dealership. It was leased so was kept in great condition. Even though I've had some problems , I STILL LOVE THIS CAR! She's gunmetal grey with dark grey interior, infinity speakers,moon roof, blah blah blah, you know, the usual luxury items. I have been on a quest to make her my own by changing the exhaust so she sounds "incredible"(what I did is described in another part of the forum), put in a dash mat, bought her the 300M bra, installed a "sidewinder" alarm with self-starter(you gotta see their faces when she starts up and nobodies inside her) besides, in the winter, it's great to have the seats warmed! Now I'm getting a spoiler,and custom grill(although I'm torn as to whether or not keep the chrysler emblem). After my Tires wear out(hopefully by next year) I'm planning on changing my 18's to 20's with low profile tires and some wicked rims!!! ar ar ar! Ahhhhhh it's the little things (smile) Any other suggestions? Thanks for reading........D
  • The only thing that is going to help is to get rid of the Goodyears. This is probably the only real problem I have with any of my 300Ms. For performance I like the Pirelli's, for Quiet ride and straight-line I use the Continentals, and for playground swings, I use the Goodyears. You'll be very impressed and more pleased with the 300M experience after the replacement.
  • I'm a Texan and have three 300Ms. 1 99 and Two 2000s. I really like the look I get when I get Concept One here in Texas to put on a "fade" paint scheme, custom wheels and spoiler. I had all three done this way! My bride's start as candy apple red on top and fades to black cherry on the rocker panels. Mine is a metallic silver flake on top going to a darker silver on the bottom. And my daughter's has the Bright Blue to Midnite Blue treatment on hers.

    A few things I have learned.
    1. Never use the Security Sears Die-Hard in your 300M. You will end up stranded in the middle of nowhere! (use the standard Gold)

    2. Burn the Goodyear Tires (at least the 225 17s that come stock.)

    3. Have the dealer put in the "front end adjustment" shims as soon as possible. You will eventually need a front end alignment and it never fails that you are going to have it done when it is most inconvenient to get to the dealer!

    4. Watch the break pads (especially on your daughter's car!) They don't make as much noise as other brands when they rest against the "low wear" indicator.

    5. Never let your boss drive your car. They will try to borrow it whenever possilbe!
  • Thanks so much for the tire recommendation. I'm going to make sure and have the dealer do that "front end adjustment" shims when I get rid of these Goodyears. It sounds to me like you enjoy the sporty side of the 300M as well. I'm curious if you have altered your exhaust , air filter or motified the engine in any way. To bad I didn't see your 300M in Texas, I was just there visiting family a few weeks ago. Sounds like a sweeeeeeet car. As a matter of fact, I looked "everywhere" in the Houston/Deer Park/kema area's and didn't see a single one! What's up with that?(gig'em Aggies)
  • Was this covered in an earlier post, or can someone point to a web site or something with more details on this "front end adjustment shim"?

    Was this a TSB?
  • The post about the front end adjustment is located right above mine from Figgaman. He makes some very good suggestions.
  • 300michael300michael Posts: 1,815
    Just found this board again. It gave me a chuckle to see only 8 mods two years ago I have done 56 new mods, not counting the ones I have redone. Some like the (4th)intake and (5th) center dash have been done several times I just finished making clear lens front turn signals, and even installed HID in the stock headlamps. Now it is a new grille and of course relocating the monitors for better viewing.
    Still loving this car.
  • Karen, I would like a discusion about a problem that I feel is a general problem that is tires loosing air. I took my 2000 300M to a tire shop and they said that Chrsylers and Caddilacs are noted problems with tires going flat, because of corosion of the aluminum rims. I approached the dealer and they agreed that that is a problem and indicated that they could clean the rims, but that the problem would most likely continue. I then wrote to Chrsyler and asked them and they rejected this problem indicated that it was not their concern. Has anyone have similar problems?
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