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accentrobaccentrob Member Posts: 1
I recently purchased this car for my daughter and am amazed that there is no donut spare tire. Does anyone know where I can buy one?



  • backybacky Twin CitiesMember Posts: 18,946
    Have you asked the dealer about it? They at least can give you the spec for the spare if it's not in the owner's manual. Don't forget a jack.
  • namoosedognamoosedog Member Posts: 1
    Also just purchased a 2012 Accent SE- no spare tire, just the Hyundai "fix a flat kit". Was told by the dealer that " a spare tire is coming- not sure when- probably cost around $200. " Very disconcerting- yeah, maybe I'll never get a flat, yeah- maybe if I do, the repair kit will work-- but-- what happens if the tire is so damaged it can't be re-inflated? Sure, I can call the Hyundai road assistance number- IF I'm in cell phone range- and sit there on the side of a lonely highway at 3AM, waiting... I'm checking to see if a wheel from a previous year Accent will work- (brake rotor clearance, offset, etc). Then, if I find one, it just gets thrown in the trunk. ...To make it even more interesting, apparently Hyundai saves a whopping $22 per vehicle by NOT providing a spare... and the one from the dealer will be over $200, if and when it is available? This is disappointing; other than that, it's a great car.....
  • luvmyaccentluvmyaccent Member Posts: 1
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    I call dealer today they told me 300.00 for them to make up a spare, but call discount tire they can do it for 145 total, I ask the dealer why no spare they told me that would weigh the car down and I would not get as good of mileage, make sure you give them the tire size P175/70-R14
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