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Porsche Cayenne vs. Lexus RX 330

shvr007shvr007 Posts: 1
edited October 2014 in Lexus
First off, I recognise that this question may not be the most accurate as Lexus RX330 and Cayenne are clearly not in the same category; but would appreciate thoughts and facts based on your real time Cayenne ownership experience.

As most of us would agree, Porsche is all about the Brand. And if not all, most of you have bought a Porsche as, by default, it commands a second look and raises eyebrows among friends & enemies.

I am fairly financially stable guy who will be streching to buy a used Porsche Cayenne. Until recently, I was considering buying a used Lexus RX330 but knowing that if I streched a little, I could afford a 2008/2009 Cayenne V6, am considering it seriously.

I know maintaining a used Lexus RX330 is like maintaining a Toyota - maintenance is cheap, resale value is good and ofcourse the RX330 is dependable. What I really would like to learn is what I am signing up by going for a used Cayenne V6 - Am I going to bury myself in too high maintenance costs, especially since I am planning on a 3-4 years old Cayenne (assume 60K miles)? What kind of costs should I expect on a 60K miles Cayenne V6?

And, lastly, are there any of you who would advise me to not consider Cayenne V6, but go with Lexus RX330.


  • wwestwwest Posts: 10,706
    If you can't afford the newer lighter weight Cayenne, front PTO instead of transfer case, DFI V6, etc, then at least consider the 2010 or later RX350.

    The RX330 was NEVER a true AWD vehicle, not even really a F/awd vehicle, no VC, and only TC braking to enforce engine torque distribution toward the rear.

    But all things considered, assuming you NEED a decent level of AWD functionality, IGNORE the F/awd RX series in favor of ANY R/awd Cayenne, or even an older 4WD Cayenne.
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