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Dodge Grand Caravan Transmission Problem

allesmiallesmi Member Posts: 1
Three repair shops including Dodge dealer where I bought my van told me I needed a transmission overhaul on my 2007 Grand Caravan with 52k miles. Cost $2500. Last resort paid off big. I went to the Advance autoparts got the diagnostics test. Code was PO 740 for a torque converter clutch cylanoid. I took the chance, bought the part for $180 and low & behold, problem fixed. The part took 2 hours to install. Needed only a 10mm and 3/16 deep socket set. Yes, dodge mixes metric and standard hardware. Last thing, be sure to disconnet the battery to re-boot the computer.

Initial symptoms were a sudden problem. Transmission would slip, lunge, and jerk when shifting between gears.

Hope this saves you tons of $$$.


  • hartford1hartford1 Member Posts: 1
    I too have a 2007 Dodge Caravan and having the same problem with "kicking" of the transmission on acceleration. I am willing to try changing the Torque Converter clutch cylanoid and crossing my fingers that I do not need a new transmission. Will keep you updated.
  • jen7466jen7466 Member Posts: 1
    I have a 2002 Dodge Grand Caracan with about 130000 miles. In the summer months my car never leaks but once I stop driving turn the car off my car is smoking and it smells like coolant. In the winter months my car leaks transmission fluid like crazy, and now when I am putting the car into gear there are times that it does not go. I am keeping on eye on my levels with checking the transmission fluid. I am just wondering if anyone knows if there are any recalls on Dodge Grand Caravan transmissions. This van has been a pain since I bought it 5 years ago. I do not know anything about transmissions, it's hard to "trust" a mechanic, when I really havn't had good luck with them. Singel mom and tight budget, have to get van fixed but are there certain things I should ask the mechanic when they give me price quotes and so forth, any red flags......thanks for your help.
  • LASHAWNLASHAWN Member Posts: 303
    It would probably be in your best interest to take it to the dealer and have them diagnose it, run the vin# to see if it has any recalls on it that way you'll have an idea of what it'll cost you. In most cases, if your vehicle does not move when you put it in gear than the transmission is done.
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