Mazda5 expensive transmission fluid change?

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Bought '07 Mazda5 yesterday. My mechanic wants me to do a $250 transmission fluid change. Is this necessary?




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    yes this should be done every 30k or so but my oil change place only charges 89$ to do this so i think 250$ is a bit excessive
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    More likely than otherwise...NOT.

    Provided your transaxle is well designed (unlike the early Lexus RX300), and not been subjected to "severe service", the factory ATF should be good for the service life of the vehicle. I would, however, suggest that you give it a look-see at each and every oil change.

    Most ATF's will look translucent and medium pink and color. Most mechanics have developed a sense for the odor of ATF (burned phenolic, resistors, electronics) that has endured consistent overheating.

    ATF, $7/qt, 8-10 qts, $56-$70.

    But the other sign of overheating will be a brownish color rather than pink.
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    Thank you Wwest. I think I am going to take the middle road, and just get it changed.
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