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Radio / climate control lights flickering

This started about a month ago as a barely noticeable flickering of the lights on our radio and climate control (2008 Outback with the in dash 6 disc changer). Now however the problem has become much more frequent, and when the LEDs are off you can't control the radio or climate control. May times shutting the car off and turning it back on fix the problem.

I just checked with our dealer and we're not in warranty and the service person claims never to have heard of the issue before. He said he'd have to replace the entire radio even though I've seen lots of posts on forums regarding the same issue.

Has anyone had a dealer fix this under warranty when the car wasn't technically under warranty? I've read that the main control board in the radio has faulty solders on it and that's the cause of the problem, but I have no idea how to get to it to remove it. Any recourse in calling Subaru directly?


  • My 2007 outback, LLBean just started the same thing a few days ago. Weird thing is it only does it with the headlights on, it does not do it when the DRL are on, and the days board lights are on.
  • I thought I'd update this since we did get our fixed. The local dealer (Glanzman in Jenkintown) was useless. Wanted me to schedule a service appointment so they could diagnose it and would not honor warranty even though car was just 3 months out of 3 year warranty.

    I called Subaru of America and while they didn't admit it was a known issue, they very quickly agreed to call Glanzman on our behalf. What they worked out is that we would pay for the repair and Subaru would reimburse us.

    Called Glanzman back to schedule replacement of the radio unit and again, they wanted us to bring it in so they could read the model number off of the front of the unit (!!). I gave them the model number and they replaced the unit with a refurb ($292 installed - which didn't seem to bad) and it seems to have solved the problem.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    They replaced the whole radio? Just curious.
  • Yes. I have to straighten out the Sirius subscription now, but it was an whole new (refurbished) radio / multi-disc CD / Sirius radio unit.
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