2012 Audi A4 transmission not smooth

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I just owned a new 2012 Audi A4 and found the transmission was not very smooth. This also happened when I braked the car. Does anyone has similar problem?


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    I found some problem with the transmission when turning car in very low speed. Sometimes a huge vibration would happen, I guess it might be the transmission problem. I just got my a4 for a month... :mad:
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    Yes, that's exactly the same problem as mine. Have you gone to the dealership to diagnose the problem?
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    I've got 2012 A4 Avant 2 weeks ago. Will take it to a dealer tomorrow to check what's wrong with the trasmission:
    1. it jerks when shiffs in traffic on low speed from 0 to 1 gear
    2. it has delays in changing the gear when going up the hill
  • jason77777jason77777 Member Posts: 3
    Mine also has similar problem. But it jerks from 0-2 gear I believe. Also, when I brake, in low speed, it jerks significant from 2-0 gear (or even maybe from 3-0).
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    Finally, I fugured that the transmission bumps, when shiffting from 2nd to 3rd gear. It's now at the dealler, will post later the result. First time they didn't fixed it. Took it right back. The bump is really significant, so they can deny it.
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    i had the same problem with 2012 model,,when i down shift from second gear to the first gear,, i will feel the torgue a little bit..have any of you guys ever try the Navigation system? and they only show you the near street?
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    I have a 2011 A4 with 1,800 miles. Automatic transmission - SAME THING. Feels like there is a lurching just when you take foot off brake pedal at very low speed and just before you press gas at a very low speed. I also had a rattling sound near driver's side. Asked dealer about rattling and they fixed it - said related to EPS. I have to take in again to discuss lurching. This is frustrating. Any diagnosis on the lurching??
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    I am considering buying an Audi A4 and am concerned with the threads I have read abou the transmission issues. Is this problem with the manual or automatic transmission? Has the dealers been able to figure out what the problem is? Or is it a defect in the car itself?
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    Marko, my local dealer contacted Audi and figured that on my new A4 Avant the Mechatronic supposed to be replaced. After they've done it, the transmission runs smood as it should.
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    I have a 2011 A4 and am intrigued by your posts about the abrupt shifting in gears 1-2, or 2-1 at slow speeds. I purchased the car with 7600k on it, and have taken it to the dealer four times for this issue. They updated the software the first time, and the last time drove the car, deleted the software, reinstalled it, forced an adaptation, then drove it with the Audi regional rep. With each service visit, the service manager was unable to feel the shift issues I have described. I have not driven it with him, but am now starting to think that Audi feels this is normal. Has anyone had resolution to this matter other than the Mechatronic? I will inquire about that with the dealer.

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    You know what, I'm simply regretting that spent more that $42K for this car. The final reponse from the dealer was that transmission on their cars with turbo, should run this way. It sucks, and I need leave with it, as the Lemon law cannot be applied for such problem. Will never buy Audi anymore.
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    I have a 2012 A4 Avant with just over 3,000 miles on it. From day one, I noticed the exact same sensations and performance (jerky shifts when starting from a stop and also the same type of jerky-ness when slowing to a stop). Does anyone who had this same problem have an update they can share? Any luck with getting dealers to acknowledge and correct the problem?

    For me, it is quite bothersome to buy a 'luxury' auto and experience these issues right out of the starting block. For over $40K, I expect much better. Anyhow...I'd love to hear how folks handled the problem.
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    I brought the car in monthly to the dealer with the tranny issue. They could not find any problem. In November, the software was removed, reloaded, a forced adaptation was done, the service manager drove it, the factory rep rode in it and they could not find any issue.

    In March, I was in for the 15k service and the service manager told me that he now knows exactly what I was talking about. He was given a 2012 A4 as a daily driver, and his car had the same characteristics. In addition, he found the issue on another customer's car. He said that Audi is fully aware of it but he didn't know what they will do or if they will do anything.

    I also think this issue has an affect on the car's hesitation issues as slow speeds. It's all very annoying, especially when I read the reviews about how wonderful the 8 speed tranny operates.

    Let's keep in touch about this.

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    Thanks so much for sharing some more information about your experience. I am about to bring the vehicle in for its first service visit and I plan to raise the topic at that time. I'll let you know what the dealer says and/or decides to do.

    Obviously, the March update is most interesting. In what state is your dealer/service manager?

    One lingering question...do we think this is an occurrence only in Avants or are sedans suffering the same issue? Was your service manager's daily driver a wagon or sedan? As far as I know, the sedans and wagons get the same drivetrain. Seems the issue would crop up in all A4s. Anyhow...I'll stay in touch.

  • cuso1cuso1 Member Posts: 10

    I am in NY, near Albany and my car is a 2011 sedan with 16k on it. I am taking the car in next week for excessive wind noise with the driver's window at highway speed, how it sounds like an old pickup truck when I start it in the morning, and to continue my record with the tranny bucking and slow speed hesitations. At that time, I'll ask the service manager which style he is driving - and if he has an update from Audi. He did say that it is showing up more frequently with the 2012's, now that they are into the second year with the 8 speed.

    A HS friend picked up a 2012 sedan and has not had the the tranny issue. He does have the hesitation though.

    I have signed on to a couple of other Audi Forums but haven't checked them in a while to see if this conversation is on there. I'll do that. I used to be on BMW forums (when I had a 5) and they were much more active.


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    What are the names of the two other Audi forums. I'd like an additional information resource, as my wife drives a '07 A4. Thanks in advance.
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    They are:

  • hpmctorquehpmctorque Member Posts: 4,600
    Thanks, cuso1.
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    Jim, thanks for the post, you just described my car exactly. I have a 2011 A4 Prestige S-Line. 18k miles and I have a noise on the driver side at noral speeds (hummming sound starts at 40mph), car sounds like a dump truck starting, and tranny has the exact same issue.

    Please let us know what you find out.
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    The dealership reported that everything on the car (related to the tranny, hesitation and noisy starts) was normal and checked out within spec. With the wind noise, they had a bulletin from Audi America (I will get the bulletin number for you) and brought the car back in to put a seal on the mirrors. The work reduced the noise some. They insist that the startup noices are normal. I think they are too loud for too long. They reported that Audi, Inc. is receiving more and more reports on the tranny shift issue but there is no word yet on what will be done, if anything. There was a software update bulletin about this in 2011, but it was removed after 3 months, vs. updated. That is a clue that they are looking at the issue again, possibly more thoroughly.

    I have just shy of 18k on my car. I commented that it has quirks similar to a TR7 I once owned.

    Let's keep in touch on this.
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    I get the lurk during slow down to almost stop, 3 to 2 to 1, when foot is braking on the brake pedal.
    If you have drive MT experience, it is exact feeling like your release the clutch too fast.
    It does not happen every time but occasionally, thus it is hard to have sevice person to duplicate it immediately. One poster said that the service manager found it out by using 2012 A4 as daily driver. That is best way to pinpoint this problem. When Audi can come out the fix is another story.
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    I have owned 8 MT cars and 4 more if you count my son's Jetta and my wife's cars. Mine have been pretty diverse from a TR7, RX7, 318is, Volvo 850 and Chevy Citation (yes I did). I felt comfortable telling Audi service that I could equate certain jerking to poor clutching. I also get the tranny issues coming off a stop: the car will hesitate than the tranny finishes downshifting. As you said, it can't be duplicated, although I am starting to lean toward the notion that it occurs more often during damp weather. But the jury is still deliberating that one.
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    An update...

    I am coming up on my 5K mile service visit. Ahead of that, and in response to me reaching out to the salesman, the dealership had me come in to take a drive with the shop/service foreman. Before taking the drive, I described all problems to the service manager (customer service rep) and he explained them all away as intentional or expected. To my amusement, he did say there have been reported 'drivability' issues and complaints. I was a little turned off by the inability to address the real issue and instead cloak it as a 'drivability' issue.

    Of course, when I drove with the service foreman, I could not replicate the problem. It was a but frustrating, as I know it exists and I experience it daily. He claimed the bucking and jerking is intentional and part of the Audi transmission design. He tied it to drivers' tendency to come to rolling, not full, stops. As someone who comes to a full stop, I guess I am paying the price for others' bad driving. So Audi has apparently engineered their cars to accommodate bad driving??? I am not quite buying that explanation.

    I should note the dealer reps took the time to listen to me and were polite and non-aggressive. That is all fine and good, but I still want the car to perform better. Beyond the transmission issue, I find the car to be somewhat sluggish, 'growlier' and noisier than I expected, and have a rough idle.

    We parted ways with both reps saying they'll note the issue in my file and possibly perform a software update when I bring the car in for the 5K service visit. I will tick over to 4K miles this week and will bring the car back in some time in the next two weeks. I have to say, I am not hopeful. If things don't get better, I think I will want to test drive one or two other cars on the lot to see if they perform the same way.

    I'll offer another update after the service visit.

    Oh...and I agree with cuso1, I find the bucking happens a bit more frequently during wet/damp conditions.
  • bigdadi118bigdadi118 Member Posts: 1,207
    I just had a tank of Mobil 93 octane and the car seems complaining. I will use Shell in my next tank.
  • cuso1cuso1 Member Posts: 10
    My 2011 A4 has 19500. I had the 15000 service completed by the dealer. This morning that Add Oil light came on and the bell rang. I called the service manager at the dealership and was told that it simply needs a quart of oil. Say what? He said that this engine pulls hard so uses a lot of oil, and that I did pretty well with making it 4500 miles without having had to add any. Is this normal? It sure doesn't seem it to me. It's my first turbo, but not my first German car, or car with synthetic or first German 4 cyl. engine. But it's the first car I've owned that needed oil added, including at Triumph TR7!

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    I recently purchased a 2011 Audi A4 with only 8k on it. I was a little leary at first wondering why someone would have traded in a vehicle that new at a Benz dealership. I'm afraid I'm finding out why..... Overall, I really like the car. However, I have the exact same isses with the lurching/hesitating transmission. This occurs in traffic at low speeds. I live in a major city with an in town commute so I primarily drive the car under these conditions which makes it very frustrating. I too have noted it being worse during wet driving conditions. Car seems fine under normal driving conditions where you can hit the gas and go but not in the stop and go. I've not taken it to th dealership yet but will be doing so shortly. :(
  • cuso1cuso1 Member Posts: 10
    Thanks. I'll be curious to hear what your dealer has to say about it. The car is a delight when it's running properly.
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    Dear All frustrated Audi A4 drivers-

    I had the same issue on my 2011 Audi A4- a very frustrating and irritating drive in "bumper to bumper" traffic; took it to dealer multiple times (who always said that the car is driving 'according to factory specifications'). After multiple compaints they performed a readaptation-but the car reverted back to same tyranny issue within weeks.

    Complained to Audi of America- they instructed the dealer to perform a software update- TSB 2029305/2. After this update done in June 2012 (after 1 year of constant complaining), the drive and shifts are much smoother, though I still feels little lag and jerkiness occasionally-but definitely not as bad as before. I think this TSB partially fixes the problem.

    I have read on other forums that this problem exits in 2012 A4 also- so it is related to the 8 sp transmission. Also, the dealer will perform the update only if you complain to them about the issue and specifically tell them to perform this update, as it may not show up on their service bullettins.
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    OK I was at the dealership today and I mentioned something similar and the tech mentioned something interesting about the transmission. He said that in 2010 Audi redesigned the transmission and one of the things they did was make it so the transmission disengages from the engine when you are breaking. It is a fuel economy move. In my case I notice it most when I am driving, the slow the pick back up again (like over a road hump). He suggested I try it without breaking to see. Supposedly the car is supposed to learn your characteristics, but I doubt it because it has been 5000 miles.

    That being said, I think it is design issue to improve fuel economy.
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    I recently had the oil light go off at 12K with q 2012 A4 Quattro. I've read on the forums and elsewhere that this is very common. I also have a vague memory of a consumer lawsuit moving forward on this issue. It was a bit of a nuisance but not a big deal for me. It's nice to open the hood and pour some oil into the car. But if it happened more often -- say every 2K - I would not be happy. Some people are very bothered by this. We'll see if it needs oil after the 15K service.
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    Here's an update on my transmission issues. The dealership performed a software update. The receipt noted: TSB 2032812/1 and TCM 37352599. The dealership said it would take between 200-300 for it to work through, during which time it may have funky shifts. That was accurate. More around 500 miles the abrupt and harsh shifting, primarily downshifting, seems to have pretty much fully gone away. I still get an occasional hard (vs. harsh) double down shift upon acceleration. It occurs maybe once / week vs. a couple of times / day and is not anywhere near as abrupt as it used to be. The hesitation coming off stop or yields is a tad better but not a lot. So, overall there is a decent improvement.
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    Ok folks - I have been reading these posts for quit a while now, trying to find a solution to my transmission problem. I bought a 2011 A4 last month, the car has 19K on it, awesome car, BUT has the same exact problems that's been describe here. Rough shifting in heavy traffic, harsh kicking downshifting from 2 to 1.......etc.
    anyways after driving the car for 2 weeks I decided to take it in to the dealer - at first they told me it was normal, than they advised me that there was a software update that needs to be done, so they went ahead and did the update. I took the car back and drove it for a another week and felt the same exact problems, so I took it back to the dealer, the service manager ttold me that this is normal and everything is within spec! And send me on my way. I wasn't buying it, so I took it back 3 days later ☺ this time the shop foreman Took the car for a test drive, after his quick drive he advise me that they need to do a adaptation on the tranny! Well they did the adaptation and told me "the car is perfect and meets all audi specifications. Make a long story short, the tranny was NOT fixed, same old story, anyways I took it back last week, and told the service manager that I'm not quite sure what you guys did but it made the car worst........After a long back and forth conversation with him, he agreed to open a TICKET WITH audi and told me he will take a sample from the fluid and will send it to them for a deeper analysis _ well guess what, I received a call from the dealer today and they advised me that the report has come in from "Germany" and there is a problem with the transmission and it needs to be replaced!!!! Well well well - so guys do not buy the saying "it's normal" it's in "spec" make sure you force them to open a ticket and send a fluid sample to get a deeper analysis

    there is a flaw with their tranny, and Audi is fully aware, and they will replace it with a brand new one, just don't let them tell you otherwise, force the dealer to open a ticket with audi, don't let them feed you the BS about iits normal

    there should never be a kick or a Jerking sensation with transmission, specially a new car and specially a German car. And don't fall for "the car needs to adapt to your driving habits" that's a load carp as well, you need to adapt to the car not vice versa
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    kas7. Thanks for the info. I have 2010 S4 that has the same issue. Taking it to the dealer next week. Can you share what dealer you took it to?
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    I had the same problem but it no longer happens. Try using the Tiptronic Manual mode when you are at slow speed especially when downshifting from M3 to M2 more often. The jerk problem will eventually go away. As the logic system in your Audi could better predict your gear shift points for M3 to M2. Good Luck.
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    hey guys been reading this for about an hr now and I seem to have the same problem with my 2012 Audi a4 Avant and it seems you guys have had the problem around 15k or early in its life well mine has around 105k and has been running fine ever since this jerky transmission problem happened at low gears the car has been running great and I love it just don't know what the problem is now because I don't want to pay 2k-5k I finally took it to a dealership that specializes in transmissions that audi referred me to "and yes I took it into audi and they said I would have to get the trans to rebuild but I feel like its a small problem not something on a big level hope someone can respond with an answer soon.. thanks
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