2003 Highlander vs. 2005 and up

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Hi everyone.

I am looking to purchase a HL. I found a really good deal on a used 2003 model. My question is, do you think there is a big difference between body style on the 2003 vs. a 2005 or say, 2006? To me it feels like something is different from the back (the spoiler seems wider to me, for one). I don't want to purchase a car that is going to seem really outdated very soon. Opinions? Do the body styles change that much in the Highlander through the years?

Also, when do the Highlanders have the built in GPS/computer systems? What year?



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    We used to have 2001 (got it in 2003, sold in 2005), now we have a 2007 (got it April 2011).

    I tell you, in terms of "look" and "feel", really not much different. Sure there are minor changes year to year but overall, pretty much the same unless you are going to detail.

    The "main" different between the one you mentioned really just the headlight and the rear parking light, so little that if you don't own a HL, you probably can't tell the different. Since both of our HL are NOT limited, so the insides are the same from speedometer to radio control....

    I think the HL is so well built back then starting from 2001 (even better then the Lexus RX300) and they are selling pretty good so Toyota didn't do much about it for the entire 01-07 model, that's a long time.

    I can also tell you they hold their resale values well and don't believe it will get "outdated" very soon. I think they are more popular then the newer 08+ HL.

    The GPS started as an option around 05 (I think, no sure) but this option is not very popular. In fact, I would stay away from it because of how everything such as air control, radio are integrated with the unit and someone complaint it cost over $2K to fix it one time when the touch screen not working (from other forum)

    Won't go wrong with 1st Gen HL :)
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    Great, thanks so much! Very helpful. I was wondering if it would be worth like $2000 or so more to go up a couple of years, but it seems it's not really. And good to know about the GPS/touch screen! Thanks a lot, this really helps!
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