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2012 Sonata LTD Turbo- Sunroof Creaking

efg88efg88 Posts: 3
I bought a 2012 Sonata limted with the turbo- and love it, except the panoramic sunroof creaks constantly. I have taken it to the dealer 3 times now, the last of which they installed "anti-squeak pads." Is anyone else having this problem? Has anyone been able to fix it? Did I buy a lemon!?



    GM had the same problems with their panoramic sunroofs, which is why they stopped making them. They are expensive to repair/replace. Sorry to say this, but you just might have to get used to some issues with that roof.
  • enjnirenjnir Posts: 1
    efg88, I have the exact same problem with mine. The sunroof creaks any time the vehicle is not driving in a straight line. Surly there is some fix but my dealer said they have other reports of this problem but no fixes from Hyundai as of yet. I also am hoping I did not just get a dud. If this is the same on all the vehicles hopefully they will come up with a fix. Please let me know how you come out on your end and I will do the same on my end...
  • I also have this issue. My dealership advised that Hyundai USA is actively working on a fix. I chose not to have it repaired at this point until a final fix is determined and Im notified via the dealership or recall. I just dont want to have the headliner removed any more times than is necessary. As for the car itself, I love it. 274hp of fun in a 4 door with style that gets 34 mpg in the hwy, and around 27 in the city. Ive been driving it hard for 3 months (13K on it already) and there have been no issues other than the sunroof. Ive never had a car that drew complements like this one does, not a day goes by that I dont get to hear 'nice car sir' from a client, someone in a parking lot, or that cute teller at the bank:-)
    I do recommend running premium gas. Although the manual says regular is fine, mileage and performance are greatly improved with higher octane fuels with no ethanol additives.
  • Just chiming in here. I am having the same problem with the creaking panoramic roof. I brought it to one dealership and explicitly explained the problem. After 3 hours of waiting, they claimed they could not hear anything, and just put some kind of lube on the rails. This completely failed at fixing the problem. I brought it to a second dealership, and they looked more in-depth. They removed the headliner and claimed there were some loose bolts. They tightened the bolts and claimed that this fixed the problem. I wasn't in my car for more than 10 seconds after getting it back and heard the noise, another fail at fixing the problem. Other than this roof problem, the car is amazing. The noise is just so ridiculously annoying though. Any updates on a new or upcoming fix??? It bothers me that two dealerships claimed they couldn't hear anything. With the radio turned off, the noise is beyond noticeable. Even with the radio on, it can be heard.
  • vinnygvinnyg N.Y.Posts: 77
    You may want to look here as there is a solution for your creaking sunroofs:
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  • vinnybvinnyb Posts: 2
    I've had my 2012 LTD back to the dealer 4 times for the squeaking roof. They've tried the foam and rubber and haven't solved it yet. Any new developments?
  • targettuningtargettuning Posts: 1,371
    I guess this could be considered a development...just one that won't help you out. For 2013 Hyundai abandoned that type of sunroof and reverted to the traditional metal sunroof on the Sonata. Whom ever it was that said that GM gave up on these due to all the trouble they seem to be was probably right since Hyundai appears to have done the same.
  • efg88efg88 Posts: 3
    My dealership was able to fix the squeak. Have your dealership call the Alexandria Hyundai Dealership in Alexandria Virginia. I'm not exactly sure what they did, but it seemed to work. The Service Manager should be able to help.
  • My 2011 Sonata has the same issues as everyone previously posted. My roof only squeaks in the summer when it is very hot and stops if we have rain. Has anyone else seen these similarities as well? The dealership is unable to repair it. We should have some recourse after so many attempts and no solution.
    I will pass on to them the information on the dealership in Alexandria, Virginia and just keep my fingers crossed.
  • Unfortunately I think it's a design defect and there's nothing they can do. I've had the headliner all torn out and a cross bar replaced, rubber pads replaced, screws tightened, etc and it still squeaks every once in a while. I've also had issues with the navigation system, rear view camera and turbo engine. It's my first Hyundai and will probably be my last.
  • vinnygvinnyg N.Y.Posts: 77
    edited September 2013
    DESCRIPTION: On some 2012~2013 Sonata (YF) and 2012 Sonata Hybrid (YF-HEV) vehicles with panoramic sunroof, a slight creaking or rattle noise in the roof may be heard. If the source of the noise is around the roof area on top of the B-pillar, follow the procedure outlined in this bulletin to eliminate the noise.
    This basically uses "acoustic felt" and Loctite to secure the sunroof cross-members to stop the creaking.
    BODY (Interior & Exterior)
    AUGUST 2013
    2012 ¡V 2013 SONATA
    (YF & YF-HEV)
    Applicable Vehicles:
    MY12~13 SONATA equipped with panoramic sunroof
    „h Produced from June 1, 2011 to August 7, 2013
    „h Produced from June 1, 2011 to May 1, 2012
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