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changing the headlights for xenon ones

hey guys, I have a 2002 A4 3.0L and was thinking of installing xenon headlights. can anybody help me in this?


  • You need to find out what type bulb you currently have. Once you know the bulb type, you can purchase xenon bulbs from ebay or HID Planet. Not sure if you have projector headlights or a standard housing. If a standard headlamp, you can always have someone retrofit projectors into the housing. I did this with my 06 Accord (using Acura TSX projectors) and I went with OEM (4300k) Phillips bulbs so the lights look OEM and not cheesy like most aftermarket. Hope that helps!
  • But how do I know the type of the bulbs ? Sorry 4this silly question. And also what is that retrofit projector? And how much is it?
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