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Nissan Pathfinder Meet the Members

Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
edited March 2014 in Nissan
Please introduce yourself!

My name is Karen and I'll be your host in the Nissan Pathfinder Club.

Let me know what discussions you would like to have included in this folder. Perhaps take a look at the already established Owner's Clubs for ideas? Anyone care to be a representative/Community Leader for the club? Let me know!

Looking forward to meeting everyone!

Owner's Club Host


  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    Townhall Name: Crikey

    I own a 2001 Nissan Pathfinder LE 2WD in Burnt Cherry with Beige Leather Interior. I bought this baby back in July 21, 2000 and have only 6,000 miles. So far, I love this vehicle and was able to get a great price via the Nissan Vehicle Purchase Plan, which my employer participates in.

    As for discussions, let me peruse through the existing owner's clubs and maybe I can give suggestions later. I hope to see the regulars of the Nissan Pathfinder Forum here.
  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    My name's Phil and I'm a Canuck.

    I own a 2001 PF LE AWD (Bronzed Grey) with 4000 km on it (that's around 2500 miles). I was recently the owner of a 99.5 PF LE (Crimson Red) with a full Stillen Stage III kit installed (good performance...too loud). I had around 20,000 km on it before the trade-in.

    My ideas around discussion topics are: Problems, Options & Accessories, Performance Mods, Care and Appearance.

    I guess you have to strike a balance between too specific and too general. Those are just my suggestions....
  • crikeycrikey Posts: 1,041
    I lived in Toronto, Ontario until January 1998 when I was moved by my employer to sunny Orlando, Florida where Mickey reigns supreme (whatever) and drivers can't drive. And yes, I don't miss the Canadian winters!
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139
    I'm addicted to our '01 Sierra Silver SE 5-spd.

    hi bgritz....

    We got it at the end of June & have already put almost 18k on it (long drives to and from work in Denver CO, and trips to the mountains), since then our lives have never been the same.

    My wife claims that the PF has turned her 96 Jetta in the "stepchild" of the family , and that I don't give it any love any more.

    I will follow Crikey's lead and look around to conjure up some ideas.
  • loboyloboy Posts: 75
    My name is Don. Townhall name is Loboy, a true believer with the old addage "you are as old as you feel" :-)

    Bought my 2001 PF LE AWD Aspen White from north of the border back in November. No problems so far except for a cracked windshield, which is being replaced tomorrow. 2300 km and counting...

    As for topics, Phil47 just about covers it all.
  • drew_drew_ Posts: 3,382
    Hope you're happy that we managed to get an owner's club area set up for you, just as many of you suggested to me!

    Vans and Aftermarket & Accessories message boards
  • maxzoeymaxzoey Posts: 32
    Hi my Town Hall Name is maxzoey

    Actually I bought our 01 LE Sierra Silver for my wife for Christmas. I love to drive vechicle any chance I get, evenings,and weekends. I hope this counts and you let me participate in the Owner's Club.

    I am really enjoying the vechicle, when I get to drive it, and it has performed great in the snow and cold , here in Winnipeg, Manitoba.

    As for topics,think Phil47 has got us off to a good start
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    I'm Tom, from Long Island, NY. Just picked up my 2001 LE last night. We got a little snow this morning, so I'll see how it handles on that in a few minutes.
  • ds532ds532 Posts: 5
    my townhall name is ds532. I got my silver 01 Pathfinder SE last June. It's been a great vehicle, especially on snow and ice. The limited slip rear differential and excellent Michelin tires help so much that often I don't even need to engage the 4WD when driving on snowy and/or icy roads. At 6026 miles - no problems of any far, so good.
  • Hi, my name is steve and I live in washington, as if you couldn't figure that one out....
    I am one of the growing brigade of migrant car buyers. I bought my sahara biege LE up in Vancouver in October. I gathered untold amounts of useful information on the pathfinder main comment area and have used it to help me save lots of money and get tips on the kinds of accessories I wanted to add to my new SUV. Aside from the pinstripes and the gas I haven't bought anything for it here in Seattle. Everything I bought (mostly via the internet) has been based on information I gathered here, well on the main comment area. Since I took delivery a few months ago I have added Husky floor mats, body side moldings, micro filter, sunroof wind deflector, PIAA superwhite headlamps, nose mask, trailer hitch cover and wire harness, pinstripes, rear wind deflector and a Yakima ski rack. I don't know what else I can add but I'll be looking!
    I would like to second the comments Phil47 made. I am interested in information on problems, options & accessories, performance mods, care and appearance.
  • li_sailorli_sailor Posts: 1,081
    I'd really like to get a fitted (as best as I can) rubber mat to cover the rear cargo area. I often put firewood, rocks or other dirty stuff (including my dog!)in the back and I'd like to keep that area clean. My GF's Subaru Outback has one and it's great...can take it out and clean it easily...any ideas on where to get one?

  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    I posted similar Q on other Pathy forum (#885)...but no response.....go over and take a see what I've found.....still haven't bought it...
  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    Any one have experience with on line Nissan parts resellers......specifically for '01 PF Se...were you satisfied with their web site, selection, prices, etc. ?

    Which ones did you try or use at least once ? ...more than once?.....woudl you use them again ?


    '01 PF Se...10 days old ! far no shimmy problem.....only thing so far is hatch not properly catching on body clip so PF thinks it's open, but it isn't.....applied white lithium grease to body far it works ok, but told dealer about it anyway...

    Also, dealer in NJ says they have had no complaints about shimmy problem.....drove mine over 60MPH, didn't really notice any.....but time will tell.....vehicle came with Dunlop tires (I'm pretty sure)....
  • Paco99,

    Congrats on the new 01 SE.

    I've tried several of the online nissan parts dealers. I haven't had any real bad experiences but some have been better than others. I'll give you a quick rundown on my exeriences. Irontoad got my rear wind deflector to me in a week. They don't have much of an online catalog so I called them and they seemed eager to help and made sure my order got out right away. There prices seem competative. took about three weeks to get the body side moldings, micro filter and sunroof wind deflector to me. That was longer than I expected but that's the worst thing I can say. screwed up my order pretty good. I got the husky floor mats and cargo liner in a couple of weeks but that got screwed up too because that was the week UPS decided it wouldn't leave anything at my door if I wasn't home. The one thing I really needed from Carparts, a nose mask, took almost two months and for a while they couldn't tell me where it was, if it was sent or when it would get to me. While I was waiting I went on two trips that took me over some nasty mountain passes that are covered with sand and gravel in the winter and the front end took a bit of a beating so I was sort of ticked at Carparts. If you call them you get to wait on the phone for 20 or 30 minutes to talk to someone who can't help you. Also, their online tracking system never worked for me. Then, there was the PIAA headlamp bulbs that they just lost or fogot about. I finally got them to send them at least a month after my original order. In the end however, I did get everything I ordered and I was happy with the stuff I got. I also bought a hitch cover from JC Whitney and a ski rack from the Rack Warehouse. One week and good service from both of those outfits. I haven't had to return anything but you might want to know what the return policies are before you order. One returned item usually wipes out any savings you get by ordering online.
  • paco99paco99 Posts: 25
    Thanks for reply......I know about irontoad and to carparts, I think I read another comment about their "sevice" or lack thereof and that their site isn't very user friendly....JC Whitney wants $ 115. for their "cargo liner" but not all models of it fit all vehicles.....
  • Hello:

    My name is darrell (ddssjsk9) We bought our 2001
    Aspen White LE 4x4 last July. We live in Arkansas and no we did not vote for Clinton. Our
    Pathfinder has performer flawlessly. We took a
    5,000 mile trip to the Western Us back in September. Man what a sweet ride. I hope you are
    all as proud of your PF as we are.
  • I am just wondering if you guys had to leave your trucks at the dealer for them to fix it. And if yes, how long did they take to fix it?

    I am so afraid of leaving my truck at the dealer for a day. When I was there on Friday, I spoke to the Service manager and he is completely clueless about the truck and the service bulletin. I have to show him what the NSB was. (*sigh*)

    Am I too paranoid? I >ALWAYS< do all mechanical on my vehicles.
  • pathstarpathstar Posts: 201
    My name is David (pathstar), and I bought a 2001 LE (sierra beige with caffe latte leather - oh la la). Yes, I'm addicted to it! Got it in June 2000, and it now has 9500 km on it.
    Dropped into the dealer (Erickson Nissan) on Saturday and got the good news - Stillen will have the headers/exhaust ready for the 2001 PF in March. For those who want to smoke all four tires on take-offs. The exhaust system doesn't look restrictive to me, but the exhaust manifolds sure do. Stillen is having trouble with room for the headers (doh - just look in there at the tight fit). Hope those headers don't toast the (expensive) liquid filled engine mounts.
  • i just saw the individual discussions for the pathfinder owners group are ready to go, great topics!

    i'm a qx4 owner in the st.paul area of minnesota. 2001, burgundy, no nav/ent, from Jim Lupient Infiniti of Golden Valley MN. i've been flying too, 10,000 miles since august. i love this vehicle.

  • phil47phil47 Posts: 394
    If those headers are half as tough to install as they were on my 99.5 PF LE, be prepared to shell out big $$ for a mechanic to install them (or set aside a couple days yourself if you're very patient and mechanically inclined). By the way, nismofreak has asked for more info on the headers on the Perfomance Mods page.
  • Hi, I just bought a 97 SE from the local Nissan dealer here, and I gotta say that I absolutely LOVE this truck ! I test drove all the sport Utes out there before deciding on this one.
    I have one question. When I turn on my climate control, and the fan is on a low speed, I can hear the fan making a kind of high pitch whirring sound. Has anyone else experienced this, and if so, what was the fix ? I havent gone to the dealer about it yet, I thought I would get some info from you first
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    What type of tires does your PF have? Some have the Donlop have have no
    trouble. The dealer I purchased mine from did not know of the shimmy
    problem either. Has anyone had the shimmy problem solved ?
  • I posted this on the other board, but didn't get a response, so I'll try here:

    I have a '01 SE with the 6-CD changer. My display doesn't seem to show the minutes and seconds when I'm playing a CD. Do I have to enable this option or does it just not come with the option? If it doesn't, whose bright idea was that?!?
  • rmiyamoto: no, the cd player doesn't display minutes/seconds, one of the very few annoyances with the vehicle. i'm not sure what nissan's policy is on giving recommendations, but you can try contacting them to see if they have a department that would handle suggestions.
  • I have noticed that when my truck was sitting outside in single digit weather, the fan does make noise but it goes away after the truck get warm. Could this be the cause of your noise?

    '01 SE 4WD Auto
  • I have the Duellers. And I am leaving the truck with the dealer this Thursday. I just wanted to know what others went through so I can "guide" my service manager down the correct path.

    '01 SE 4wd Auto
  • Gang,
    Should we formally invite the Infiniti owners? I know that sanandton posted to the QX4 list about our owner's area but should we get one of the host to post a message?

    Wad ya think?
  • apb3apb3 Posts: 11
    Hi, Brit moved to Ottawa. Picking up my 98 PF Chilkoot Trail on Thursday - Silver. Thanks for all the tips on the PF which helped in decision on what SUV. Also interested in Accessories and care. Particularly the side mouldings. The CT has pinstripes, so not sure if SMs will look right. Has anyones else fitted these to a CT?

    Would love a 01, but with 2 teenage kids and a dog, I'll have to wait a year or 2!!!
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Special Event Chat with Ed Hellwig

    Tues., Jan. 30th, 5-6pm PT/8-9pm ET

    Ed Hellwig - Associate Editor,

    Associate editor Ed Hellwig came to Edmunds with a diverse automotive background that included stints as a gas station grease monkey, automotive spy photographer, and ice rink Zamboni driver. Ed spent five years making sure he hated cold weather at the University of Colorado in Boulder where he somehow earned a degree in American history between beer runs and football games. Upon returning, he proclaimed "snow sucks" and forever pledged his allegiance to the Southern California sunshine. Prior to joining Edmunds, Ed toiled under the iron fist of Tom Lindamood at A&M Specialists, a press vehicle logistics company, as a road-tester and delivery driver. While tooling around in Bentleys and Porsches was less than grueling, Ed just couldn't shake the editorial urge and jumped at the chance to join the Edmunds team. He's now responsible for writing road tests, editing our "Future Telling" column, and assisting in performance testing.

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  • Thanks for the info...but...I live in Beautiful Victoria British Columbia, where it rarely goes down below freezing. The only weather we get here in the winter is LOTS OF RAIN !! I guess I will go to the dealer to see what they say, but I dont think this will be a warranty thing ( I only have the drive train part left until Aug 02 ). If anyone else has any suggestions, it would be greatly appreciated. Thanks
  • bgritzbgritz Posts: 139

    I had the same noise in our '01 SE.
    They replaced the whole fan assembly (under warrantee) at our 15k service two weeks ago. It fixed the problem. I did notice that it would make more noise when I was turning to the left, so I had a pretty good idea that it the fan itself.

    I just looked at the invoice for the service, but since it was under war. there was no cost listed, sorry.
  • My name is Pat, townhall name plwilliams. I live in beautiful southwest Utah and find lots of light off roading opportunities around here.
    My PF is a `01 Sahara Beige LE with everything except the tow package. Bought it around the end of July and have a little over 8K miles on it. No problems with anything on it(except that damned outside temp display ;-()
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    plwilliams: what problems are you having with your
    OAT display. Mine is very close.Steve
  • steve: during the hot months it was consistantly reading anywhere from 8-15 degs. to high. Our summer temps here are over 100 for about 3 months and the thing is completely useless. Now that it's cold it's much closer to actual temp. I've had 2 prior vehicles with outside temp guages that were right on the money and my Mom has a M Benz that's accurate. It seems to me that Nissan doesn't care that their's is way off based upon the number of posts I've seen from other board members and what the dearler's service writter told me. It may seem like a small complaint, but on a $30K automobile I think we have a right to expect accuracy.
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    Thanks Drew and other hosts for setting this up, it's kinda cool.

    I own a 99' Sierra Silver Pathfinder. Since I purchased it in March 99, I've been putting more than 38,000 miles on it. It's been trouble free so far except for a faulty fuel sensor that was replaced under warranty.
    Installed a few mods such as; K&N filter, bug deflector, side windows deflectors, sunroof deflector, Color body side moulding (thanks Phil47), PIAA superwhite to make the truck looks good.
    The truck performed great on a few trips to the snow in Lake Tahoe with OEM Dunlop Grantrek tires. It started to squeak a little at the left gate, turned out it was from the 2 rubber feet between the gate and inside frame (D-Pillar). A little grease cured the problem.
    I'm thinking of putting in a Jim Wolf POP charger to increase some horses but the one in my friend '93 4runner has a high pitch sound; I guess it is the sound that the intake is sucking in all that open air. Any idea and thought on how loud this could be on the Pather?
    I also plan to do my own oil changes, any tips out there from those that do your own. Do I have to use Nissan oil filter or a Mobile1 will be just fine.

    I wish I can trade it in right now for a 240HP, but I just paid it off so will take time enjoy it a few more years.
    Sorry for the long post. I guess I'm too excited

    Thanks for any input.
    Enjoy your truck
  • duperduper Posts: 127
    I didn't see the other forums on Mod, Maintenance and such...
    Will move my questions over :))
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    If any Pathfinder owners are interested in hosting a live chat for you, just let me know!

    Owner's Clubs
  • Greetings fellow pathfinder owners. I purchased my '01 SE in July of 2000. Have put on 11k trouble free miles thus far. Truck is pretty much loaded. Would've gotten an LE except I think it looked a little too blah and am not a big fan of wood trim. SE has a sportier look to it and that is what I was after, probably because I am 20 years old. I got the automatic because of the higher tow capacity than the manual, and the lack of willingness on dealers to go down on price on the 5 speeds because they are hard to get. My only modification has been the installation of a K&N filter at my first oil change. Have been using Penzoil 5w30 and Nissan filters doing my own changes every 3k. I figure clean oil doesn't hurt and doing it myself costs about $8 every few months, not a big deal. I'll probably become a regular poster now that I've found a good board. Talk to you all soon.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    I spoke to Dana/Community Manager and they are trying to get all the Club chats set up on

    Tuesdays: 4-5pmPT/7-8pmET


    Thursdays: 5-6pmPT/8-9pmET, 6-7pmPT/9-10ET, 7-8pmPT/10-11pmET (This last time would be kind of late for East coast, but is available if you want it.)

    The first scheduled chat would be March 6 or 8.

    Let me know what time works for you!

    Owner's Clubs
  • I love that blue with the titanium bumbers. Felt a need to introduce myself. Vancouver British COlumbia Canada PF recent owner. Very enjoyable vehicle. 23 years old and my first more expensive vehicle. I had been looking for the right used PF for about a year and finally got the deal I wanted. I have been very happy with it and always concerned about it's mainenance and care. I will be checking these postings, putting in my 2 bits and asking questions that I have no answers to. Look forward to talking to you all.
  • justatoyjustatoy Posts: 2
    This is my first post to the page and would just like to say hello. Todd and Stephanie are here with our recent purchase of a 01 LE 2wd in aspen white/charcoal leather. These vehicles are under rated and I am glad to be a part of a group of people that have simlar feelings towards this most excellent vehicle.
  • pathedpathed Posts: 4
    Denise and I (Ed) just purchased a 2001 Burnt Cherry colored 4X4 Pathfinder LE with charcoal leather interior. We bought this vehicle for the long haul and believe Nissan was one of only a few manufacturers that have proven that their products last way beyond the payoff point.
    I love to perform my own repairs and maintenance to my vehicles and I look forward to sharing information on this forum.
  • kmrqkmrq Posts: 50
    Hi!!! My name is Kevin and my townhall ID is Kmrq. I have 99.5 silver SE PF w/all the options that were available except for the leather package. It has 22,000 miles on it and I purchased it back in July, 99. Also I added some mods....for exterior: side windows reflectors, 3A Blue Fog Lights(these are really good.. very eye catcher!!), ***had PIAA super plasma for my headlights and for the fog lights*** recently replaced it with CATZ ZETA Kit00 HID and H3 Galaxy White Bulb, Polarg's rear turning lights(Hyper White), back-up lights(Hyper White), Hyper White license plate lights. As for my interior: all season rubber floor mats, Hyper White dome lights, Hyper Blue for the personal lights, and a cargo cover. Last mod that I made to PF was clear corners.. I did it myself. Now my PF looks very clean. (also added Hyper White bulbs to it). Well I'm glad that edmunds made a owner's club and looking forward to chat with everyone.
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    The Drivers' Opinion Panel has just launched. This initiative will further establish as the voice of the consumer by becoming a key source for automotive market research. Through this initiative will send traffic to the Opinion Panel promotion and registration area. Members of the panel will participate in key market research studies for Automotive OEMs and related companies on-line as opposed to more traditional market research methods.

    To become a member of the panel, please visit

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  • bobformanbobforman Posts: 13
    Hi, Just bought an 01 LE and have no problems after 400 miles. Looking forward to many miles of bliss.
  • iveydudeiveydude Posts: 4
    just bought a 2001 pf se. Leaking oil from below where the rear main gasket located. Drains through a hole just (above and behind) the oil pan. Did it for about a week (slow leak). Now it doesn't seem to be leaking. It's only about 2 weeks old. ANY IDEAS !!!!

    can this possibly be normal for a new truck to do this ?
  • meca2meca2 Posts: 284
    Yes iveydude this is very common. The engine seals are dry from the factory
    an have to swell and seat to stop leaking. Some engines and trans leak if they
    set for a week or month then stop after drove for a few miles also. My older Nissan
    with 130k if it sets for a week it might drip 1 or 2 drop of oil if I drive it every day no
    drops at all! Hope this helps.....
  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Please take a look at Owner's Club Changes to offer your opinion.

    Owner's Clubs

  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    Some of you will notice that your messages from yesterday no longer exist. There was a major hiccup in the system last evening. apologizes sincerely for the difficulties this situation poses. Please rest assured that every effort is being expended to rectify this matter as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience.

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  • Karen_SKaren_S Posts: 5,092
    This week's topic:

    My vehicle is better than yours because....

    Brag about your ride on Tuesday, May 8, 5-6pm PT/8-9pm ET in the new News & Views Weekly Chat

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