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Front Wiper Problem - 96 Town & Country

daddytomgadaddytomga Posts: 2
edited December 2013 in Chrysler
I'm having a problem with the front wipers on my wife's 1996 Town & Country. They were working somewhat sporadically and then stopped altogether. So I replaced the wiper motor (a pain in the patukis!), the power relay, and the switch, and they still don't work.

Doing some snooping around the net has led me to believe that the only thing left, other than replacing the wiring, is the body control module. Am I on the right track?

Note: The wipers will move a bit when I push the windshield washer...


  • garvey1garvey1 Posts: 2
    The body control module do not control the wipers, use a tester light to check if the switch has juice. what controls the wipers are the fuse & relay the relay should be the won next to the compressor cluch relay, the compressor cluch relay is right after the space that states spear standing in front of the van the wiper relay would be to the left of it. You can put power to the wiper motor to find out if it is good.
  • I 'm having the same trouble with mine.. what did you do ?
  • I ended up replacing the body control module (BCM), which I found on eBay for a more reasonable price ($155) than otherwise available. Make sure you get the right module for your vehicle--I had to return the first one that I bought because I had gotten the wrong one.

    Once I replaced the body control module, the wipers worked fine.

    Here is a link to the instructions that I used to replace the module: dodge_caravan#page3
  • On the 1996 Chrysler T&C, the BCM controls the front wipers for delay and speed. You can still push the end of the control stick and the wash and wipe function should work. Also, your rear wipers should still work. If this is all true to the condition of your car, then the problem is an open resistor in the BCM. Remove the BCM, take off the metal circuit board cover and expose the circuit board - just 4 star screws hold the cover in place. Resistor #409 is key to the front wiper control circuit. The value of the resistor is 1.240 K ohm, 1% tolerance, 1/4 watt. Use an axial lead resistor to replace the tiny chip type flat resistor that is on the board. After soldering the leads flat to the board, use a dot of ATV or hot glue gun glue to hold the new resistor firmly in place. The resistor 409 is marked on the circuit board. The fact that resistor #409 opens is a known problem. The replacement resistor costs about 4 cents.
  • i have a 96 town and country my wipers dont work at all they only make noise if i push the washer fluid button....the washer motor makes noise but the wipers dont move....if i run a wire directly to the harness on the wiper motor they work fine

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