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Ford Extended Warranty?

I leased a 2009 Ford Escape. Lease is up in a few days and I am purchasing the vehicle for the residual value of $13k. I have been the only driver. 43k miles. All oil changes, tire rotations and maintenance done as scheduled.

I have to decided whether or not to purchase Ford's extended warranty. This vehicle gets good ratings for a used car choice but it seems there's are a lot of transmission problems as well as a few others. I do understand that it is like an insurance policy and if you need it, the purchase was worth it and if you didn't you question the choice. But does it really cover things when they go wrong or is it just one of those things you pay for and regret later? Any feedback is greatly appreciated :)


  • I like the Ford Extended Warranty. Unlike extended warranties from other places, I expect Ford to be there when it's time to use the warranty. Since everything is so computerized and complex, it doesn't take much to get a thousand dollar plus repair bill. I got the Premiere package so it covers pretty much everything. I've used it a couple times and was happy with the way I was taken care of. I've already broken nearly even with what the repairs would have cost, and I've still got a few years left on the warranty.

    But never buy it from your local dealer without negotiating. I got quotes from FloodFordesp online, then used that to negotiate with the local dealer to get a price almost as good (about half what the local dealer was originally wanted to charge me for it). If that doesn't work, then just buy it from Flood Ford or another online Ford dealer. Buy the Ford Extended Warranty from any authorized Ford dealer, you can still use it anywhere.
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    Oaknest -- THANK YOU for prompt, great tip about checking online first and negotiating. What I've been told is they will only cover up to 100,000 miles so to buy from the 44k that I am at to that they want $2395. I will let you know what I end up with. :)

    FOLLOW UP -- I just tried to obtain a quote from FloodFord and the FordESP sites. Both said I am not eligible for an extended warranty because I am past 36k. If you know of any other options, please share. Thanks!
  • My ESP purchases were on a new car purchase with 125000 ESP warranty. I don't have advice on 44k miles. I can see where it would be tricky since the bumper-to-bumper warranty is expired.

    Just remember that there is a huge markup in whatever the dealer initially offers, so make a counter-offer about 40% less. If you have multiple Ford dealers nearby, you might try counter-offers. I hate paying full retail.
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