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2011 Outback front end noise over bumps

My 4-cyl Outback has 400 miles on it and is in the shop for the 3rd time to try and locate this noise, was wondering if anyone else has had success. The noise is more of a rubber noise vs. a metal type, happens over speed bumps, going into driveway, etc. Is more prevalent when a passenger is in the front passenger seat.

Thank you!


  • sounds like the links & bushings on the front anti sway bar might be bad.
  • tgl3tgl3 Posts: 6
    i had a strange rubbery noise that i couldn't identify, and it seemed to come from different parts of the car at different times. that may to may not have anything to do with your issue, but mine also was worse when a passenger was in the front seat. and at low speeds. it ended up begin the seatbelt plastic holder rubbing up against the leather center console. i put a little face towel between the seat and the console. (not exactly an elegant solution, but the noise went away, so it's worth a try)
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