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Nissan Maintenance Plus Program

I just purchased a new 2011 rouge yesterday and was talked into the maintenance plus program by the finance guy at the dealership. I signed up for the gold package and it cost me 2k + tax. Does anyone know how much this program costs usually? I cant find out any numbers for this on the nissan usa site. Also, I'm not sure if i would spend 2 grand in 5 years on maintenance especially since i dont drive much ( only ~6k miles/year). I was told that there are regular 3 month maintenance schedules that i need to take care of REGARDLESS OF THE NUMBER OF MILES on the odometer to maintain my warranty - is this true? If someone has cancelled this after signing up, please let me know the process fot that as well?


  • svisvi Posts: 4
    I just purchased the 2011 Rouge SV yesterday myself and although I didn't get talked into buying this.. i thought it was a good deal.
    I paid $2000 including tax for 84 months/100K miles.
    I also got a paper saying that if i don't use it - the money will be returned back to me. plus it is a zero deductible.
    so i figure, if i don't use it - i get my money back.
    if i use it - thank god i had this ;-)

    For maintenance, I also purchased a 5 year/60K mile regular maintainence plan for $1200. this covers all the regular maint. plans as per schedule 2 (i.e every 7500 miles)
    I figured this was worth it - since the 30k/45k/60k itself will cost more than $1200 at the dealership. all other oil changes at 75k, 15k, 22.5K, 37.5K, 52.5k is then effectively for free.. i figure i save easily $1000 over 60K miles with this deal if i compare with all services at the dealership.

    if i go outside, i am not sure how much it will cost - but I figure it can't be less than $1200.

    what you you all think? :) :)
  • godeacsgodeacs Posts: 481
    Hey guys, are we talking about makeup or cars?............ :D :D

    It's a "Rogue", not "Rouge"............
  • Pls. make sure that you have documents stating it covers milage maintenance (15k,30k, 45k etc). I paid $1600 for Maintenance Plus Gold for my Rogue when I bought it in 2010. Only last week I've learned from the dealer that the coverage I have is only for basic maintenance like regular oil and filter change (up to 11 times), 27 point inspection, and tire rotation and nothing more! I'm still back and forth with Nissan about this.
  • crivcriv Posts: 9
    Yes indeed. We were going to buy the maintenance plan too until we found out it did NOT include the major mileage maintenance. Also found out, after the fact that new Nissans don't include roadside service anymore.
  • Ok so I have been fighting the dealer and Nissan on this because after i took the car in for my 3500 service which include oil and a filter . I realized I didnt know how much the plan cost because it was bundled into the whole finance amount but after subtracting it there was 1200 difference but I also bought paint and fabric coverage. So I figured it was 600 for each. I purchased the gold package for 45k miles/3yrs. The service guy said 3 years worth of oil changes would be no more than $300. The dealer told me it covered allll maintenance so I wanted to cancel it but since he didnt put a price ont he document Nissan cant tell how much it is and cant subract the amount from my loan. They also told me dealers can charge whaetver price they want for the plan. Doesnt make sense at all. So all you need to do to cancel is call Nissan and ask them to send you a cancellation form. DO NOT GET IT FAXEd or you can go to the dealer for the form, but they will give u a hard time and even lie and say u cant cancel it. Just make sure you have a price on the contract for the maintnenacnce seperate from the car. I am thinking of just keeping it and taking it as a learning exp and make sure I go every 3500 miles for my oil changes.
  • "the 30k/45k/60k itself will cost more than $1200 at the dealership." That's $1200 for all three, right? Still seems awfully high for an Asian car.

  • delaurel66delaurel66 Winchester, VAPosts: 1
    We have the Maintenance Plus on our 2014 Infinity QX60. We have an awesome relationship with Jim Coleman in Bethesda, MD. We pay for nothing, have been very pleased.
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