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i own a 2001 q/c prior to buying i cked out all the other that were avail at the time : frontier, we have the toy-ota tacoma double cab,and offereing coming from chevy based on the s10 but those trucks still don't compare to the dakota. the dakota has full size capabilities in a midsize form. its faster(only v8 offering ina compact-midsize truck)tows more,payloads more, total cubic feet of cab rm is more, largest bed etc......


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    Of the mid or small PUs slickwillied is probably right about the Dodge...BUT..... From what I've seen and several people I know have either the dakota crew cab or durango...... the gas mileage is no better than a full sized Ford or GM crew cab. If that be the case go for the bigger truck for the much more comfortable ride. WHile you're at it........go for the GM, they ride better than the Fords. Chevy vs GMC........ what'daya like the looks of? My choice is the GMX for the grill versus Chevy's fat ugly (IMHO) bar across the center.
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    GM doesn't offer anything to compete with the Dakota Quad or the Ford SuperCrew. I know they make the Silverado HD series, but that is more for heavy duty use (hence, the HD moniker). I drove an F150 SuperCrew today. Nice truck. Darn seat backs don't seem to be sculpted enough for my liking (i.e. too straight and flat). Any other SuperCrew owners out there agree or disagree. The truck had the new seats with the adjustable head restraint.
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    get an HD..a bed you can use

    - Tim
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    If youre talking about compact crew-cabs, then Dakota Quad Cab no question. Second choice would be Tacoma Double Cab.

    Fullsize? Then F-150 Supercrew is really the only choice, unless you want to wait for the Avalanche.

    HD? Then the Silverado/Sierra Crew Cabs. They don't ride as hard as the Ford Super Dutys and have better engines, especially that diesel!

    Plain and simple.
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    and the Supercrew being in the same option for a person to decide from.

    I'm sure Ford will sell a boat load of 'em....perhaps more to yuppys so it fits in their 2.5 car garage with the white picket fence out front and the dog roaming the yard and the 2.3 kids in the house.....but get a bed that can actually be used....

    My 3 cents

    - Tim
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    The S-crew with tailgate down has more room than a standard shortbed and the cage will secure a load just fine.

    Tim should of got a long bed. It's the only TRUE pick up bed. Them short beds won't haul an 8' piece of plywood. Oh? You can put the tailgate down? What a concept, guess them yuppies wouldn't be able to figure that out on a S-crew. Right ace?
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    rounded edges of the cage forbid hauling 8 footers...and I have had many full loads to the top of the rails of drywall...tailgate down.....on the highway for a good problems.

    ...perhaps you need to actually use a truck before thy mouth opens?


    - Tim
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    I'm glad I can still get to veteran posters like you...


    - Tim
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    Thy don't need the cage if thy doesn't wanteth it.
    It comes off in less than 10 seconds.

    Maybe one should check out the truck one is knocking before making half baked commentaries.

    There is aprox. a foot diff in bed lengths. What ever can fit in a shorty will hang out that amount in a S-crew. BFD!

    Someone's goat was gotten wasn't I, Boss!! LOL!!!
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    ..which is best overall?

    I agree a true crew cab should be an 8 footer....dually..with a cap...tons of storage and can haul everything....but which is best overall? take out any 8 foot configuration..

    The Supercrew will appeal to..well...Yuppys! it will fit inside the average American attatched garage...little bit easier to park..and of's a 1/2...that magic word so many have to hear. it's an overinflated 1/2 for about the same moolah as a comparable 2500 crew with actual capacity beyond a whopping 1700 lbs..(crews haul less than ex.cabs...which haul less than reg cabs..duh)

    I doubt it would even haul anything 8 foot with the cage?....and if that is the seller for you..well..get a cage for $200 aftermarket..(as they have been before the S.crew)..and walahhh! the HD hauls 1 foot more of enclosed space than the screw!.....and can actually haul lumber/etc ..8 foot long...with the gate up..(diagonal)...when you reach the point of having too much to go put the gate down and now you have enough weight to stop whatever from coming out. 36-40 sheets of drywall (top of bed) hanging 1 foot out may or may nor cause the bottom sheets to break from the above weight?.....I don't now...I have a real bed....(course 40 sheets is FARR beyond the capacity of the Screw)..

    what can an 8 footer do that a 6.5 can't...uhh...haul materials with the gate up?....

    what can a 6.5 footer do that a 5.5 can't?...a whole lot

    both will sell well..oh well

    I call life like I see it....with no regrets..and if it don't suit ya ace...well sorry sport..that just the way I gotta be boss....and no changing it brudduh

    - Tim

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    What fully loaded 1/2 isn't as expensive as a true HD??? Remember I gots a SD CC 4X that invoiced about the same as an extended cab 1/2. The point is some people don't need to haul 800 sheets of whatever.

    We moved a buddy using his S-crew and a U-haul. Would of needed the U-haul regardless. Have used his truck for a lot of stuff my truck (or yours) would have been overkill) Calling a fireman a yuppy will get you a hose where....oh, never mind LOL!!

    Tim, YOU have the yuppie truck compared to the CC dually 1 ton 8' bed yada yada.

    I really like MY choice in trucks(SD). The REAL 4 door was a main reason. I tried to talk my buddy into one. After seeing the versatility of the S-crew and after the rebate AND FMCC financing it ended up about $5000 cheaper. For him it just made sense!

    You can call what ever you like as you sees 'em....doesn't mean we have to agree!! LOL!

    As far as how much drywall it takes to break the bottom ones.......have to ask your parrot, Ryan.LOL!!!
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    I'd like to see 800 sheets in a truck....

    ..if I'm the yuppy....god help this country.....

    ..and I never called YOU a took that on yerself...

    ..sorry for short posts....gotta get food going for the big party!


    - Tim

    ...keep your hose to yourself...LOL

    ..and the parrot has flew
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    ....fully loaded screw and HD are damn close in $$$$

    - Tim
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    1) exaggeration
    2) Just saying someone else will always have "more" truck than you or I and can look down on said "yuppy" truck.
    3)I know, was just defending someone who bought a Screw that hates yuppies also.

    I agree, but when buddy bought the Screw it had a $1000 rebate and 7%(?) financing which actually put it about $5000 cheaper over the term of the loan than a SD which only stickered for a little more. About $80 a month diff.

    You should check one out! The way you can configure the rear seats and the REAL 4 doors make up for the occasional lack of ability to haul 800 sheets of sheetrock!! LOL!!
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    I'll get the Chevy HD..That way I can just put it all in the back!

    - Tim
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    I have a Supercrew and it hauls anything I need. I think the cage would get in the way of most oversized loads. 4X8 sheets: tailgate down, cargo straps from the tie-down hooks to the hitch. Would I be less of a yuppie if I bought an HD or SD to carry a couple sheets of plywood. Not everyone who works hard uses their truck to make a living. Maybe I should've bought a Tundra?! Now if you'll excuse me, I'm taking Buffy out for a latte'.
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    a wouldn't be able to get nothing done!

    ...I'll take a Tall Cappuccino while you're out
    - Tim
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    You even spelled it correctly. It must be the repressed yuppiness in you busting out! LOL
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    ...can't hold back the true yuppy inside me....from my ratty jeans and george carlin t-shirt to my fridge with beer taps out the my dirty hunting the hole in the wall dark bar I frequent....just can't keep the yuppy away from me..

    ...actually I'm in the coffee I know how to spell Cappuccino.....anyone know how to spell the opposite of regular coffee??


    - Tim
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    Would you be referring to decaffeinated? Did I just do that without the spell check?
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    Crushing the yuppie myth!

    My SuperCrew does not fit in my UNPAINTED,CINDER BLOCK 1 car garage with 2 windows broken from throwing toys to my 2 extremely mixed breed dogs which run around in my cheesy, redneckish welded-wire fenced in back yard. Oh yeah, big classy looking heating oil tank back there too.

    .......but you got me with the beer taps coming through the fridge, even I don't have that much class.
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    First thing to look at when getting a truck is that you infact want a truck. This eliminates Toyota(even the tundra), Nissan, S10, Ranger (I loved my ranger for 12 yrs) and all other mini trucks. Dodge full size trucks.... not even worth talking about. I guess that leaves GM vs Ford. Chevy is TRYING out this new Allison transmission, and making their first attempt at a HD truck. After many years in the towing world I have learned NEVER to be the first to use a new GM truck design.Remember when GM first came out with the 6.2l deisel. Maybe after it has been on the road for a few years I would again consider a GM truck. I just put my 37th and 38th Ford SD on the road and they are awesome. I also ordered an F250 for my personal use. I realize that not everyone will us their trucks as hard as we do in the towing world, But look at the tow trucks you see on the road. 80% are Fords. And Ford do cost more, but we feel they are worth it. 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.
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    As a new poster and future 4dr 4x4 truck owner I was a bit dissapointed by the lack of usable info at this board. Alot of smack about yuppies and bed size. Can someone give me a little more on reliability, ammenities, performance etc. I realize that the 4dr truck is new to the scene and hasn't got much of a history so I guess I'm looking for some testimonials.

    I'm looking for a truck for going back and forth to work (15 mi in mixed driving) that will also foot the bill for recreational duties on the weekend (camping/off road). Bed size is not too much of a concern.

    Currently looking at the S-crew, Silverado, and Dakota. Chevy's brochure and web site don't mention a 1500HD but I have seen it listed as a trim option at Edmunds. Is there such a thing? Also have been told that the Tundra is coming out with 4 regular doors this year. Any truth to this? If so then I would definately consider the Tundra.

    Thanks, and have a wonderful day.
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    You've got one thing right...the discussions on the boards seem to get way off the subject and dwell on things that don't help anyone.

    We do own a 4dr K2500 (see 2000 chevy crew cab posting). The 4drs are wonderful and I think it would be a good truck, however, we've got a lemon, and Chevy's service has left a lot to be desired. Many say its the dealer, but we've dealt with zone managers & corp. and don't really fell we should have to sue them (under lemon law) or go through BBB to get any type of satisfaction.

    4drs are becoming popular, probably the new fad...which one's the best??? Anybody's guess. I too would like to hear more from other owners. lol
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    We have two 4 doors in our family. 96 Ford F-350 and a 2000 Dakota. My wife will not drive a full size 4 door truck like our Ford and I will never ever buy another over rated under sized vehicle from Japan. The Dakota is the perfect fit for my wife. After 13,000 miles of use in 6 months ownership the Dakota has had only one problem. This truck drives on 1.5 miles of mean dirt road every day. The last 4 weeks it has been covered in snow. The Ford has 42,000 miles and we use it mostly for towing. Only one problem with the Ford and it was very minor. I wouldn't change a thing.
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    I chose the SuperCrew after realizing that the Explorer is not very comfortable for a 6'2 person. While many people here scoff at Consumer Reports, I only considered vehicles which were rated "average" or better for reliability (they have a Truck & SUV issue out right now). This eliminated the Dakota and Silverado (extended cab is pretty close to a full back seat) from my considerations. I would have considered 4-door Tundra if available. No problems in 6,500 mi on SCREW so far.
    As for unnecessary "smack" on here, lighten up, I guarantee that if you ask specific question, you will get answers fron people who own or have experience with the vehicle in question (as well as a lot of speculation from those of us without such knowledge). As a matter of fact, I would look at the "smack" as a guage of how much salt to take with the advice you recieve.
    BTW my truck is a 2001 SuperCrew 4x2 Lariat with the 4.6l engine. I am very happy with it but would probably recommend the 5.4l for most people.
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    Thanks for the input. The S-crew has been my favorite for quite some time. Just wanted to get a better feel for the competition and see if there is something out there I may be overlooking. The board on the f-150 S-crew has been quite helpful. Glad to hear you are happy with yours.
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    It sounds like we may have some things in common. I have been waiting for the four door 4x4 pickups for awhile now, because I do alot of backpacking and I wanted the ability to put three or four hikers in the cab and still have a bed for our gear. I did alot of research and decided on the 2001 Dakota Quad Cab, and I am not sorry in the least. After trying to squash people in my S10 Extended cab or having people ride in the bed with a cap because there was no room up front was no fun. The Dodge QC has the largest bed (5'3") out of all other light duty trucks. I went with the light duty because I also drive in and out of the city and didn't want a fullsize truck. The backseats in the Dakota are awesome, they fold up nicely to place gear inside, and have much more leg and body room than the Frontier. The Sporttrac has about the same backseat room, but the bed is more like a "bucket", so they try to sell you the "bed extender". I don't like the idea of bumping around with my tailgate down to use an extender that takes up even more room in the bed when it's not in use. If you truly need bed size than look at the full size trucks. But seriously, check out the Dodge QC with the tire and handling group (265/60R16) and the 4.7L V8 --yeah yeah, someone is going to blast me about fuel economy. I get about 16-18 mpg, so that's the trade off. Incentives are available right now too. There are some great forums for Dakota Quad Cabbies on this board, check them out. Good Luck.
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    ford supercrew handsdown considering dodges reliability issues
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    Dodge has just released the 2002 4 door ram pickup at the Chigago Auto Show. It has a new V6, V8, minimum 17" wheels with option to get 20" wheels, 4 wheel disc brakes, 2 zone temperature, and its awesome.
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    I bought a 01 DQ after being a Ford fan for decades. Factors for me were the size being ideal for getting parking, but big enough to be comfortable, the 4.7 engine and ride comfort. I use my truck as a family do-all. I also tow a 4500 lb boat and it tows real nice. I would have liked a SCrew but the price and size tipped the scales. And until I can sell the F150SC, I have no problems hauling sheetrock.
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    Does any one have any info on whether or not Toyota is going to offer a Crew Cab configuration for the Tundra. I've heard rumors that it will be available in 2002, but can find no facts. I need the full back seat and full size doors on my next truck.
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    ...seems simple enough

    - Tim
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    I keep reading all the crap about the Dodge and Ford crew cabs...obviously you all must have leased because if you bought them you will be lucky to get to that final payment without multiple visits to the service shop. As a matter of fact, I'd bet you've already been there and think that the problems your're experiencing under warranty will be fixed and that'll be that. Ha! Ha! Ha! Ever read consumer reports....
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    I tryed towing my travel trailer with 3 dirtbikes in the bed of a loaner Nissan, but eventually the gerbils under the hood got tired. Fortunately I had only moved a couple of feet in an hour of towing.....

    '89 F350 CC 180,000 miles
    '99 Chev 1500 36,000 miles, but a reg cab
    '01 Chev 2500HD 883 trouble free miles so far

    Mazda '83 PU 37,000 mile before the head gasket blew
    '86 Isuzu trooper - 45,000 miles before the CRANK BROKE

    Had much better luck running the crap outta my big American vehicles
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    little crew cabs are stupid, its a suv without a covered 3 ft cargo section,

    best crew cab out there now is a 2001 Chevrolet HD 2500/3500 those Crew Cabs are sooooo roomy and comfortable, plus you can get a little over 8ft bed.
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    Simply put, My past history with american made vehicles in general forced me to look elsewhere. My two Nissans (86' w/180000m) and new CC, wifes Integra, daughters Corrola keep me from under the hood...except for oil changes.
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    It all comes down to what you are looking for. I just spent several weeks trying to decide which CrewCab was best for my needs.

    I looked @ the big ones...but I don't need a big vehicle. Did like the Ford 150 SuperCrew the best of the big ones.

    My focus was on the smaller of the crews...the Dakota, Frontier, Tacoma, S-10, Explorer Sport Trac.

    I liked the Dakota QuadCab, but once you started adding options...the price went way up. I found one I liked alot, but by the time I optioned it, it was over 31k for a 4x2. Too much....+ really bad gas mileage.

    Looked @ the Tacoma DoubleCab. First, they are hard to find, second...the dealers won't negotiate @ all...all the options that I wanted required ordering a "package" that included other things I didn't can't get leather or a sun roof and it was way pricey for what it offered. Nice looking truck though...quality feel to it. Nice "thunk" to the doors when closing them.

    S-10...only comes in a 4x4...old style and old "feel". First one to mark off my list.

    Explorer Sport Trac...I liked it alot, it had most of the things I was looking for and I thought it was decently priced and one of the most attractive to look at. It was my second choice...

    What I ended up getting was a 2001 Nissan Frontier CrewCab SE w/Leather. I hated the new styling when it came out...but the more I looked at it...the more I grew to like it. I also felt that it had the most "personality" of the group. I didn't get the supercharger because I already have one vehicle that requires premium gas, and I don't want another. The 170hp V6 felt adequate to me since I don't plan on drag racing it. It had just about everything I wanted and was the most versatile of the group when it came to what it could hold..between the bed, the tailgate extender and the roof rack, I'll be able to carry just about anything I will ever require of it. The tailgate locks, which I like and I got leather, a sun roof, 6 disc CD with 6 speakers, etc...the dealer negotiated and I felt I got a very good deal. The Toyota and the Nissan by far felt the most "put together". The Nissan has the same quality "thunk" to the doors as the Tacoma but the Nissan had more options/accessories for SEVERAL thousand less than any of the others. The back seat is a bit tight...but not noticably worse than the others, except for the QuadCab.

    I feel very good about my decision. Good luck on which ever you choose. None of them were bad, except I walked away from the S10 with a negative impression.
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    If you want a real truck a super crew king then go get you F250 V10 4x4 crewcab with a 4.30 rear gearing. Then come back after driving it and tells all about it. My F250 crewcab rides as good as my Tundra, I was amazed when I bought it.
    That's my 2 cents worth. Have a nice day or whats left of it.
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    your subject title is real trucks and you drive a tundra? no offense but the full size truck with the smallest size, smallest engine, and lowest towing capabilities is not my idea of a real truck.
  • biglucybiglucy Member Posts: 140
    Sounds like a sweet truck! Perhaps too big from some that need a smaller truck to get around the city. What kind of gas mileage do you get???
  • chevytruck_fanchevytruck_fan Member Posts: 432
    have you test driven one of the 3/4 tons, you should after driving one you will be suprised by how nice and comfortable they are and you will decide on one of these instead!
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    These people that are buying the smaller crew cabs don't have middle age kids, or if they do I feel sorry for the kid that rides in the back seat for a length of time. Most of the people that are going to the large crew cabs have out grown their extended cabs. The kids are getting older, probably buying a larger trailer to pull. I own a Ford F250 Crew Cab, our family out grew the Extended Cab. At one time all you saw on the road was Regular Cab pickups, then you saw the Extended Cabs, Now your seeing Crew Cabs. The same group are just replacing their trucks. Plus now you have the new comers that don't have older kids and they can stuff their car seats into the smaller crew cabs, but sooner or later they will understand why we drive a large crew cab. In a few years you will see them in one too or they will move to a mini van to accomodate their kids. One note though, when your looking for a new house make sure it has at least a 24' x 24' garage or your new toy may be sitting outside. The garages have become increasingly smaller in the the new houses.
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    I take it from your comments that some folks don't like the big CC's? I don't have anything against them...I picked a Frontier CC because its the size I needed. I have a gangly 16 year old boy, but doubt very seriously he will be riding in the back seat of my CC. When we need to take the family somewhere, we generally take our Grand Am sedan.

    I never have understood the complaints about the big trucks/suv's. People should buy what they want to. You can drive just as offensive in a Chevy Metro as you can in a big 4 door dulie.

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    Bought one about 2 months ago. 190 HP V6, auto, 4 real doors. Locker rear. Dealer negotiated to 2% over invoice for truck + options, or about $100 over Edmunds TMV. I drove all the rest, really thought I wanted a Silverado Ext. Cab, until I drove the Toyota. I am 6 foot tall, and have no problems fitting 4 adults in this truck. No-one is squished, as adults are in the rear seat of the big three extended cabs. Once you get into the big three crew cab price range, you have far surpassed what one of the Nissans, Dakotas or Toyotas will cost. I use my truck 80% of the time as a car, so it made good sense for me to buy the smaller crew cab. I also have a 1991 Isuzu truck with 140,000 problem free miles. The Tacoma fits in my garage.
  • bowhuntwibowhuntwi Member Posts: 262
    But would you sit in the back for a cross country trip of say a 1000 miles and let one of your buddies drive. I would in my truck, I'm 6' 3" plenty of leg room. But then again, mine is not my daily ride to and from work. It's my recreation truck. So now we are talking two differant life forms. Plus your comparing your Toy Crew to an extended cab. So when you say your crew has room, your comparing to an extended cab which if you got out the measuring stick, I doubt if your crew and the extended cab has much differance, except you have the regular back doors and they have sucide doors. One question what happens when you stuff that 3rd person in the back seat? I notice 2 people sit comfortable, but 3 then the yelling starts as it does in an extended cab. The right Crew Cab depends on the needs of the person buying, what is right for you, is not neccessarily right for me. Btw, my fullsize Crew Cab fits fine in my garage with a few feet to spare. bowhuntwi
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    The answer to this question is going to be different for everyone. What's important to you? It's not apples to apples becuase the full size crew cabs, while having more room in back, cost more and get worse gas mileage. The compact crew cabs are on the opposite end. There are tons of differences. I have had an ext. cab chevy z71, an extended cab dodge ram 4x4 and now have a toyota double cab. I would rather be in the back of the double cab toyota for a long trip than an extended cab full size. I just finished a 24 hour trip (12 hours each way) in the back of a 4 door explorer and it sucked. I think my double cab is as roomy if not more roomy (for 2 adults) than the explorer. Would I rather have been in the back seat of a full size crew cab? Hell yes! Do I want to make the payment, deal with parking it, and deal with the mileage? Hell no. The toyota double cab is the best truck for me. But I would be stupid to think it is the best crew cab for everyone else. It's a great truck. So are the nissan, the ford, the chevy HD. The arguement as to which is the best overall can't be won because we all want something different in our cars. We all place different levels of importance on the differing factors that contribute to buying a car/truck. Hopefully you end up with what is best for you.
  • rhwoodpeckerrhwoodpecker Member Posts: 26
    I just sold a 1999 F-250 SD Crew SB. It was the first Ford I have ever owned. Bottom line...would I buy another one? YES! I sold it to get a regular cab 1 ton to put a dump bed on. I bought a Chevy for the Allison tranny, but that is another topic. I will give my impression of the Ford. First the drive train. I had the V-10, Automatic, 3.73 rear. Power to spare, absolutely no complaints. It is noisy though. Pulled 5000lb. trailer, 6 people and a bed load of camping gear and firewood through the Smokies like a dream. Tows and handles great. Anyone that has not driven a HD truck will be surprised at the comfort and handling for such a load capacity. I recommend the darkest tinted windows you can get. The A/C struggled a little in hot South. Seats were great although a little high off the floor to suit me. My head was too close to the ceiling. Comfort in the back seat is outstanding. I did not mind riding back there at all. Mine did not have folding rear seat. If they offer it I would get it. It is a royal pain to drive in town but that is obvious. For a tough work truck that will carry the family I found it to be near perfect. I would have kept it 'til the wheels fell off but we outgrew it. 5 kids forced me to sell my 16 old dump truck and the F-250 and to buy a Suburban and a 1 ton to of fill the pickup/dumptruck needs. I miss the insurance on the 16 year old about sticker shock on the Suburban. $1100 a year...whew!
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