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Just bought a new Jetta and am very happy with it except for one thing: I cannot lock the #$#%$ doors without an accompanying annoying horn beep. In my Ford, I generally hit the door lock button on the door and then close the door and the car is locked with no fanfare. On the Jetta, the door lock button does not work when the door is open and I'm forced to use the remote which sucks as well.

Am I missing something? My salesman couldn't figure it out either.


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    On VWs - most of the beep events can be 'disabled' by your dealer using his computer. A "good" dealer will make these changes to suit your desires free of charge.

    As for locking the door BEFORE closing - you are forgetting that you are not merely 'locking' your doors.... you are arming the alarm system and it is designed to NOT arm if any door, hood, trunk, hatch is detected as open.

    Once armed, even if a window is broken to get in, the engine will not run because the alarm-system disables it.

    Most vehicles that actually have security in mind will NOT lock before all doors are closed. This also makes CERTAIN you cannot lock the keys inside the vehicle. Why am I not surprised that a Ford is not secure?
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    Just had the opportunity to test drive a 2012 gli manual. The clutch pedal travel was quite a bit farther and the feel was quite a bit lighter than my previous vehicles. Would this sort of thing be adjustable to reduce the pedal travel and make it stiffer?
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    This is a hydraulicy-actuated clutch. This means that virtually all of the friction is eliminated from the mechanical-system. The pedal-travel, 'weight' and feel are what they are.

    In reality, if you drive it for a few weeks, you would not even think it to be an issue. I drive many manual vehicles, they are all different. Both the clutch and the feel of the shifter as it changes gears. I have learned to quickly become accustomed to the clutch on whatever vehicle I happen to be driving.

    In fact, the 'feel' of the shifter on VW is considered to be world-class. Many other carmakers try to emulate it. (and have failed) Every time I get in my wifes VW, I am amazed how it 'snicks' into gear and shifts with just the right amount of feedback thru the shift-knob.

    Compared to my wifes VW, my Subaru feels like it is 'squishing' into each gear.
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    When I bought my Jetta Sportwagen, the dealer disabled this feature without a computer. I had a problem with the electronic display and had to do a factory reset which activated the horn again. Now the dealer refuses to disable the feature again. Someone must know how to disable the horn without a computer.
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    I liked the shifter very much also.

    Because of occasional knee problems the pedal travel is worrisome. With my current vehicle I'm able to handle the clutch with little or no knee bend when need be. With the gli the travel was too long to do this. I had to bend the knee.

    I also drove the dsg auto and it was also very fun with the shift tabs on the steering wheel. Oh well, perhaps another (not so unpleasant) compromise to old age...
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    Hi Snortner,

    I'm wondering what your overall experience is with the 2012 GLI so far.
    Your likes, your dislikes (besides the clutch). How does it handle? Is the cabin quiet inside? Is the suspension tight? Does it ride hard? Does the inside "feel" cheap or is it well appointed? Do you get a donut or a full spare?

    As you may or may not know, this car is made in Mexico as opposed to the other VW's models that are made in Germany or elsewhere. I'm just hoping the quality is up to par. Let me know how you like it. Also, do you drive the Autobahn version of the GLI or the regular model? Thanks!
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    I have not made a purchase yet. I'm waiting to try a couple of other 2012 models before I make a decision. If I do get a GLI it will be he Autobahn model because I want the automatic climate control. As to noise, the GLI was quieter than my current car which is a 98 Contour SVT. I drove the GLI manual and auto after driving the Passat VR6. I remember remarking to the salesman that I thought the GLI was actually quieter than the Passat. The interior of the Autobahn was good I thought. I'm not that picky though. The Passat VR6 interior and the CC interior were both noticeably nicer. Of the cars I've test driven, I liked the GLI the most. I think part of that is because its about the closest thing on the market to my current ride (the Contour SVT).

    On thing thats alarming though is the Consumer Reports reliability rating for the Jetta had dropped to much worse than average. Since the GLI is built in the same place it doesn't inspire a lot of confidence. They also just took the CC off their recommended list because of poor reliability rating.
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    I have to correct myself. I don't know what I was looking at. The CR predicted reliability is good for the Jetta SE and fair for the Jetta TDI and the CC. CR rates predicted reliability of a 5 point scale. Poor, Fair, Good, Very Good, and Excellent. I always interpret the middle one (Good) to mean average, but that's probably not strictly true.

    Sorry about the misinfo.
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    The Sportwagen and new Jetta Sedans have different Multi-Fuction Displays (MDF). On the JSW, you have the ability to change all sorts of things using the steering wheel MDF controls. The new Jetta has a much more limited MFD and doesnt allow user changes, this must be done either by a dealer or someone with the proper software that knows what they're doing. A dealer will typically charge you labor rates for doing such a thing, of course.
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    I currently have two Jettas (2007 and 2009). Both have the 2.5 gas engine and Tiptronic 6 speed automatic. Both cars were made in Mexico. My 2009 was purchased new and now has 53,000 miles. I have not had one item go wrong which would have required warranty work at the dealer. This is impressive, as I cannot recall purchasing a new car in recent years that have never had anything that needed repair under warranty.

    My 2007 Jetta was purchased used (about 45, 000 miles at the time of purchase), and now has 59,000 miles. I did have the car completely checked out and the VW dealer (not where the car was purchased), found a couple of items that needed fixing and did so under warranty. In the past 6 months, the car did need a new electric radiator fan, which was somewhat expensive (around $800).

    Overall, I would say the Jettas are very reliable, and of course my 2007 being used, the maintenance history was unknown.

    I also have been looking at the new Jettas, and recently test drove (while my 2007 was getting the oil changed at the VW dealer) a 2012 GLI 6 speed manual transmission. On the GLI, VW has used a better dash material (soft touch, rather than the hard plastic in the standard Jetta). The car has an independent rear suspension (axle on the standard Jetta), lowered ride height (abuot 1/2 inch) and sport suspension. This was was fun to drive, and the 2.0 Turbo motor said "LETS GO!". I did not get it out on the freeway to determine ride quality, but on the 2 lane roads it was very good (sport seats very comfortable) and I never got the car out of 4th gear (2 more gears to go).

    As I get closer to the time I am ready to buy, I will definitely drive a GLI 6 speed manual again, and then drive a "regular" Jetta with a 5 speed manual to see the differences side by side.

    Overall, the GLI left a fine impression!

    Bel Air Car Guy
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    We all need to be 'careful' when referring to the Consumer Reports ratings. One needs to actually READ what they mean.

    For example, when looking at the historical reliability reporting, it is based against the AVERAGE OF ALL VEHICLES OF THAT SAME AGE.

    For example, if the average vehicle which is 5-years old have the exhaust-system rust out... then a vehicle rated 'average' will need the exhaust-system to be replaced after 5 years.

    It is unfortunate that many folks use the CR ratings and do not even understand what they mean. They just look at the colored-in blobs without understanding the underlying data.
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    Hello all. I'm thinking of purchasing a 2012 GLI but I'm unsure of the reliability record it may have since it's a new vehicle. If anyone here has purchased one, could you please let me know what issues, if any, you have had and how you've liked the car overall so far. :)
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    I bought a 2013 Volkswagen GLI, after a little over 2 months of owning this vehicle; with only 3,100 miles on it. I was told the clutch is burnt out and would most likely be replaced out of pocket until they check the cause. Which I am still waiting to hear back on.
    My driving record for the past ten years is above average, no accidents, no burning of previous car clutches or any car parts for that matter. I take great care of any car I own and to have this happen to a brand new car, and be told I would be paying out of pocket when I just spent 25k for it, is very absurd.
    This is my first and last vehicle from volkswagen, even if the company turns around out of no where to pay for this new clutch, I am still selling the car back for it's current value.
    The manual 2013 GLI to me is not a reliable car if this is going to keep happening with mine.. seeing that I've been without transportation to school and work for almost a week.
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    Let me know what they did for you.
    We have the same car and, I think the clutch is starting to go as well.
    5 months old!
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