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'squeeky wiper'

Just picked up my new 2011 Forester, 5 speed, AWP on Wednesday. One thing I noticed while driving it today. It's rained all day and when I had the wipers on during the drive home I noticed a very loud 'squeek' sound on the drivers side wiper. It happened just as the wiper hit the top point and started to move downwards again. It was almost like a 'smack' sound. Very loud; could hear it even with the radio on. I tried turning off the wipers and turning back on but the noise never went away. Also, if I turned the wiper speed to maximum it seemed like the noise did stop, but when set at normal or intermintent speed, the noise returned. Anyone heard of this and know the cause?


  • The sound is the rubber wiper blade flipping to the other side as it changes direction, and grabbing or squeegee-ing the glass. To change all the variables one at a time, I would first try cleaning the windshield with Windex, then try applying Rain-X, and finally try replacing the rubber wiper blade.
  • ateixeiraateixeira Posts: 72,587
    I was thinking maybe there's some residual adhesive if the dealer had a sticker on the windshield, something like that.

    Good idea to clean it and make sure it's smooth.
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