Mysterious jeep speed drop

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Hi everyone! I have a mystery problem that the dealer has just charged me $200 NOT to solve.... I was driving down the highway at 65mps, suddenly (no noise, no warning), the car started slowing and slowing and slowing... down to about 20mph. No massive revving, no squealing, no nothing, really, except a couple of "air pops"... I mean, it sounded like a light clap or small pop. Pressing the gas to the floor did nothing... no revving but no speed either. This went on for about 5 minutes, after which time, it went away and speed resumed to normal.

I took it to a dealer and they've "run diagnostics" for a week. Of course, they were not able to recreate the they found nothing. ie, Jeep behaves normally... So they told me to take it home and "not worry about it". But of course, I do. Has anyone else run into this situation before... car slowing and slowing and slowing.... Please help!!!

THanks a million!!!Luba


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    I have a 94 Jeep C. This one cut out about 5 seconds once every two weeks or so. Also the dealer cant’ find the problem. Hope some one can help us. I have changed the coil, spark plugs, distributor cap and rotor.
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    Years ago I had a similar problem with a Chevy convertible. It happened three times over a period of two months. That time it was the fuel pump. Ask the dealer if they tested it.

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    Has it happened again, or was that the only instance?

    If the engine was still running, and throttle had no response on engine rpm, then to me (and I'm a novice just guessing) it does sound like a fuel delivery problem (maybe only a partial blockage since the engine didn't actually cut out).
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