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coolant leaking

I have a 5900 mileage 2010 Subaru Forester base edition. I am a college student so I dirve my car once per week. On the first time I drive my car every week, the "check coolant level" light would come on. After that first time driving, the light disappears. And the problem persists every week on the first time I drive the car.

Other than that, no further problems on the 2010.
Do I have a serious problem on the car?


  • Check the coolant level in the overflow reservoir where coolant is added. The level should be at the bottom mark when cold, and at the upper mark when hot.

    If there is not enough coolant to come up to the low mark when cold, that would trigger the coolant level warning light. Then as the engine warmed up, the coolant level would rise and the light would go out.

    If the coolant is low, top it up with Subaru Genuine Long Life Coolant from your dealer. I think the low stone-cold morning reading is more accurate than a hot reading, which might vary somewhat with actual engine temperature, so do the adding with a cold engine.
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