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Cruise Control not engaging

jacobtowsleyjacobtowsley Member Posts: 2
I have a 1998 ford ranger 3.3l Manual transmission. My cruise control was working fine till about 2 days ago when it doesn't seem to engage. I can turn it on (the light will not light up until you engage it) so when i hit set the green light comes on and stays on until the time that it reduces in speed till its out of the lmits of the servo. So it acts like it wants to engage but there is no speed control on the cruise unit.


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    bolivarbolivar Member Posts: 2,316
    Just a wild guess, but my 94 Ranger went thru about 4 stop light switches...

    Doesn't the brake and clutch (on manuals) control the cruise? (I know the brake does.) Is one or other switch stuck 'on', which should stop the cruise from being set. Check your brake lights, if they are stuck on, the switch is bad. My switch failures were the other way, they would not turn on. Which is bad when cruise is set, it would not dis-engage, I had to turn the cruse off the stop it.
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    jacobtowsleyjacobtowsley Member Posts: 2
    its not that because the light will go off if unset. if i hit the brakes/clutch the green light will go off if i remain +-5 MPH of the setpoint green light stays on so this tells me its something w/ the servo not getting to the speed adjustment.
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