Ford Explorer - My Ford Touch issues

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My new Explorer has 1500 miles on it. I have had to reboot the Touch twice already, it either freezes up, or blanks out completely. Anybody else have this problem and if so, can anything be done about it?


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    I have a new 2012 limited and have the same problems you have had. MFT is broke and Ford is aware of the problem but does not know how to fix it.
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    Oh boy, that is not good news. If yours is currently inoperative, disconnecting the negative battery terminal and reconnecting will probably reboot it and make it work again. That's what I've been doing successfully, so far. Not happy about it. This is my 8th Explorer, and I've never had one with a problem out of the box before. Grrrr.
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    I have had my 2012 Explorer for only FOUR days, my screen went BLACK for 10mins tonight after hardly working at all the first half of the day! Even though it did come back on, I will be taking to the dealership first thing in the morning!! Please keep any info you have up to date on this message board. Good Luck!
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    These problems are well known. I have problems with many areas of the system on nearly a daily basis. I have not personally be told when these issues are being addressed not have I read it anywhere. I have heard rumor, (mind you it is only that), that it will not be until first or second quarter of next year.
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    Took mine to the dealership yesterday, they pulled the fuse and did a master rest on the system. I was also told a huge overhaul is being done and will be completed in Jan 2012. Ford owners will be mailed out a flash drive to load on the system. *Fingers crossed*
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    I have had my Explorer XLT for a couple of weeks... first of all My Ford Touch system isn't that tuff to ... it did go black... they tried to disconnect battery... upload a new update.. but being that the vehicle was built on Sept 1 I would guess it would have the latest... any way this past weekend (out for about 4 days)suddenly the system came on with a Microsoft sync update... and popped back on ... just like before..nothing lost... everything works.. but still getting the new unit tomorrow... growing pains... still worth it..

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    I have not had any issues with mine. It built in early May.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    Very glad to hear they're not ALL bad. In retrospect, why should I be surprised? The software is Microsoft, I believe. My computer crashes once a week, why shouldn't the Touch do the same??? :P
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    I think that Microsoft just provided the OS/Platform. I think the application was written by Ford or one of it's contractors. The way I read it was that Microsoft was contracted for the rewrite. However, all of this is based on second-hand information.
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  • bill354bill354 Member Posts: 2
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    Maybe the K & N air filter will fix the MFT? :shades:
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    My 2012 Exployer XLT with 400 miles on it has the issue with MFT going blank. Will be bringing in for service. They did say that disconnecting battery will reset the s/w. I sure hope this isn't going to happen alot. My ford dealer/service is 30 miles away. Any information anyone has to offer would be helpful.
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    I now have 7000 miles on mine. The MFT locks up all the time. Given a minute or two, it usually clears up. If severe, I do disconnect the battery and reboot it, but usually it will do that on its own shortly. My beef with it is the continual lockup it seems to do. WHEN it works, it's awesome in every way. They keep saying a software upgrade is coming to fix it. Until then, I'm quite annoyed by it. Shame too, because the rest of the car is wonderful. I love it.
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    We just bought a 2012 Limited 1 month ago. It had some quirky sync moments and now MFT does not work at all. After numerous phone calls I was told by a Ford representative (unofficially of course) that the company had re-contracted Microsoft to fix the bugs that exist. Microsoft developed the platform but did not do the entire software package. Supposedly, once the fix is made Ford will send a flash drive to EVERY sync owner to patch their systems. No known timetable and obviously a HUGE project. In the meantime we all suffer. Did anyone's salesman or dealer mention this stuff before you bought????
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    Have you reset the MFT system? By doing so you'll at least be able to use it.

    BTW, Ford has be beta testing the new system for over a month now. The update is expected by spring.
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    I am the Sync Specialist at Soerens Ford in Brookfield, WI. I have a lot of customers that have had similar issues to yours with My Ford Touch. The best thing to do is check your account for an update. Very likely there is an update available. This update will help cut down on the buffering time needed and will help My Ford Touch run quicker and more smoothly.

    You can download the update to an empty USB Drive. If that does not work call your local dealership and ask to make an appointment for the update. Check out our Sync Assistance information on our website

    Hope that this will help.
    Sync Specialist - Soerens Ford
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    :mad: I just had my 2012 Limited Explorer at the dealer for the MFT update since my screen went black. I was told the MFT took a crap and needed to be replaced. When I got my car back and saw the new MFT which I was told was the updated verison from Ford I was pissed. It looks much cheaper and generic then the original verison I had. I am not happy with the new look. I paid a lot for my car and the options that come with it.

    I already called my dealer and was told they would speak with the tech who installed it. I was told they may have different levels of MFT now where the top of the line verison may only be included if you have navigation, which I do not.

    My dealer then went on to say if it is the new verison I may have to call Ford's customer service to complain.
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    I don't blame you. But - the public has been largely dissatisfied with the complexity of the MFT in general, and Ford's initial quality ratings have fallen precipitously because of the difficulty in using MFT. So, Ford has "simplified" the function to make it easier to comprehend. Personally, I love the device. It does so much, so well and so efficiently. And mine has pretty much stopped crashing now on its own. I became a fan when it read my texts to me.... Unbelievable!

    Having said that - I doubt Ford will change your screen back - they will register your complaint, but unless they receive a buttload of complaints such as yours, they will respond as they should, with what their research says is the best satisfier of their customers.
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    just got my one day old XLT and the voice command button on the steering wheel stop working, when pressed stopped asking for a command!!!
    when I press the button nothing happens !!!!
    any ideas, help !!
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    You have to hold it for a second or two in order to get the lady to acknowledge you.
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    no help but thanks. not recognizing voice command for phone book or sirius radio station by "name".. lets than 1 week old and they have in service 2 days and told me a electric part called "A" something needs to be replaces and was ordered for tomorrow".. anyone familiar with this part or problem?
    fyi.. it will recognize number of radio stations..
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    Purchased my explorer Feb sec and have nothing but problems from day 1 and it has had the upgrade put on it. I am unable to get a real weather map showing the weather, it is just a plain map, so they changed out the radio as sync said it was in the travel link, ok so that did not fix it. The past 3 weeks my phone book has disappeared and last Friday when I went to differant screens it showed nothing, then went blank and after driving around Sat and most of Sunday the screen came back to life. I have had it looked at many times and still no fix. Evan talking with Sync Tech and now I have come to the point that they do not know anything about MY TOUCH. Is there some one else that has had the same problems and got someone smart enough to fix it.
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    I have had nothing but problems with this Explorer since I purchased it just over a year ago. Between the Ford Sync and the Sirius radio it has been in the shop five times. Any vehicle that needs over 100 fuses or breakers is bound to have problems. The biggest problem is that the three local dealers in our part of the country haven't a clue of what to do because they don't understand the owners and service manuals anymore than I do. I have had over 20 Fords in my lifetime and this is the last one I will ever even consider purchasing. They have the worst dealer network in the industry a bunch of bozos ripping off the public with their high service costs and lack of skill. I had my Ford Edge in four times for the same problem and never did get it fixed at the local dealer. Service sells almost much as Zero defects and Ford talks a good game, but it ain't happening. And guess what, Serius is even worse, talk about a bunch of dummies!! Latest issue, the weather radar no longer works. Turn it on and it places me in Chicago and I am nowhere near Chicago plus the radar function which used to work perfectly, no longer functions. All you see is a blank map with all the interstates showing up, but no storms, no clouds, no nothing. And all you get when you call Ford or Sirius is a series of Duhs and Dis and Dats.
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    Purchased my 2012 Limited 12/1/11. Sync My Touch never worked from day one! I have returned to the shop more than 4 times. They have replaced the APIM and USB units. It has gotten better but never 100%. I believe when you buy a vehicle with a sticker of $44,600 everything should work! Ford reps keep blaming on my IPhone 4 but I installed the same phone in the Dealer's Sales Manager Explorer and it worked 100%. That vehicle had Nav and mine doesnt. It is now down to about 4 major issues like dead spots on the tabs being unresponsive. The Tech said its because there is so much going on in index that it takes a long time. The Turn by Turn works about 50% at best. The Bluetooth Streaming worked well until they installed the major upgrade. The Ford Tech they sent out knew less about the vehicle than me. I am at 7 months and 9300 miles. Why was I not told about this until after I discovered it as I drove away on delivery! I am looking into the New York Lemon Law as I just can't take it anymore. I can't let my wife take it anywhere because I would get a call 5 minutes after she left with the problems. She depends on directions so she bought a Garmin. On several occasions the radio FM comes on randomly. The Vehicle Health report finall worked after six months. Does anyone with the NON-Nav unit have similar problems? The Ford Tech told me its an " Apple vs Microsoft" issue. Right now it's my issue because I am stuck with this 45k nightmare! Ford has screwed up one of their most reliable vehicles and is in denial. I want my truck replaced or refunded. I have wasted too much time and energy to play Russian Roulette with the Sync MyTouch system on a daily basis. It is unsafe when a person like my wife is driving along and the radio comes on blaring unprompted and random.. Come on Ford step up like I did on purchase day. Very Unhappy with my EXPLORTION !
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    I too have a 2012 Explorer Limited that I paid over $40K. Today I was told by the service technician "there are known issues with Sync and the iPhone, so maybe you should think about getting a new phone". I blew up...Are you serious, a new phone! How about they get their equipment fixed. How about they stop selling a product that doesn't work. $40K+ for a vehicle that I've had to take in for service at least ever couple months for a "master reset" even after the update that was supposed to fix everything. How about they give me my money back and I go buy a car that works as it's supposed to. How can Ford get away with it? There are SO many unhappy customers that are having the same exact issues and frustrations...what can we do???
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    Well, first off, your dealer tech is wrong - I have an I-phone, and it works great with the Sync in 5 Fords I have, including my 12 Explorer. It works more dependably than my wife's Blackberry does. So that's out the door.

    Secondly, the "master reset" is done by removing the battery cable for a minute and restoring it. So just do that yourself when it locks up and save yourself a bothersome trip to the dealer.

    Yes, I do have to do that sometimes, maybe every 4 or 5 months, and yes, it annoys me. It was much worse prior to the upgrade, which did help a lot. Remember though, this is a Microsoft unit, and if you have a Microsoft PC, you know they crash fairly often, don't they? What did you expect? It's not the hardware, it's the software code that locks it up from time to time. Clearly annoying, granted, however, the unit does so much great stuff, I still like it, and would put up with it again to get the features it offers.

    I assure you, Ford is concerned about the issue, and is working assiduously on a permanent fix - but these problems don't turn on a dime. There are a lot of engineering changes needed to address such a problem, especially when the sub-contractor, in this case, Microsoft, is the problem. Somebody will eventually get sued, I assure you. They should have gone with Apple.
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    I am having similar issue to you. I purchased my Limited w/Nav on 12/3/11...HMM...Bad month? My latest issue is my clock will not keep time. It just stops...I just got it back from the dealership on Saturday after doing what Ford suggested and replacing the radio?? Did you ever get a fix?
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    A reporter would like to talk to owners of Ford cars and trucks with MyFord Touch. If you fit this description and you’d like to talk with the reporter, please send daytime contact info to [email protected] by 4 p.m. Pacific/7 p.m. Eastern on Tuesday, September 11, 2012.

    Need help navigating? [email protected] - or send a private message by clicking on my name.
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    I have a 2012 Explorer with MY Touch. My USB does not work have the time. Keeps state USB cannot be detected. While it is loading commands. Not my Samsung Galaxy will not send or receive txt. Dealer says it is up to date.
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    Ford customer service has told me to wait for the newest update and I just happed to check the site on 9/9 and there it was. I downloaded it and installed it step by step and received confirmation of the install.
    It is a huge waste of time. Not only did it not address the problems but in some cases made it worse. The Bluetooth Media streaming is a joke. It gets confused with USB and other media functions. More frustration! Yes to some people that may sound trivial but it was one of the major reasons I bought the vehicle, of course assuming that everything worked. It didn't work. My advice to anyone considering a Ford Sync/MyTouch vehicle is wait. DONT BUY It ! My dealer has tried so hard with no success. The only issue I have with them is not disclosing the problems they were well aware would surface. Ford has been useless.
    They have a standard robot like answer " Wait for the update". I did and all it got me was another wasted weekend trying to fix the problems of my new 42k Explorer!
    Never again Ford. Thanks for all of your non customer support. Maybe you should have taken the incentive money to fix your defective system.
    My phone update came out in February and on 9/10 they produced an update that doesn't address the IPhone update. Don't waste your money!
    Explortion owner
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    I just wanted to say I surrender Ford. I found a Toyota dealer to buy the Explorer from me and I have wasted way too much time and energy. Ford has made two offers. Imagine spending 44k on a vehicle that has not worked for 11 months. Ford has made two unbelievable offers. One is a maintenance program for 24,000 miles (Toyota gives that on every new car ) and the other being one payment. This move was just as ignorant as repeated denials to attempt to fix the problems. Yes, all of you attorneys willing to work on this THEY REFUSED to try to fix the problem. I am getting rid of it because they will never have a fix and the buyers will watch the watch the value bottom out and Ford right along with it. Yes Ford where quality is Job 1 and the customer is Job 2 at best. It appears the "Dirty Job guy" forgot to tell you about the Dirtiest Job he has been on where the buyers are getting "Jobbed". Owners beware that several law firms are putting together Class Action programs and having no problem finding willing participants. Watch the value on these disasters plummet. the Edsel just found a successor. Good luck, Explortion
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    Posted on the forum site on 9/11/12 was the following message from the geniuses at Ford:
    "The MyFord MyLincoln Touch 3.2 software, which was shown as being available on certain vehicle configurations this past weekend, has now been removed from the website. If you’ve downloaded this software onto a USB drive, but have yet to perform the update, please do not install it in your vehicle. We will make an announcement when the update becomes available on"
    It is now 10/3. Unfortunately they didn't tell you what to do if already installed. They maintain a database of up to date installations so what's next. Idiots!
    There is only one reason Ford didn't request the government bailout money, nobody knew how to fill out the forms! Suckmyride will be posting something soon I bet, NOT!
    One year and my Explorer Limited has lost 25% of it's value with 11K miles. What does that tell all of you suckers like me. Explortion
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    I have a 2012 explorer with a lot of the same issues. Been to the service shop 8 times. Most of the screen lock-ups, screen staying on, phone not connecting, etc.... Most issues have been fixed. My ongoing issue is they have yet to fix my phone Bluetooth pairing issues and microphone issues. They first acted like it was my phone until I told them that I used both an android based phone and a windows phone (2 different windows phones) and had the same results. The lady at the dealership told me that there was someone else that brought their vehicle in 5+ times with this issue and they had an iPhone 4gs. They have replaced my module, flashed it 3 times, done many updates and still can't figure it out. Taking it back in on Friday to have the microphone replaced.

    I just thought I would pass it on since a lot of the dealerships are saying it is an iPhone compatibility issue.... Which it is not.
  • explortionexplortion Member Posts: 10
    Another bad phone? Wow could it be that Ford is working on a phone of their own to take care of all of tech challenged suckers who laid down $40 grand plus for their "brainless tech mobile"? So after 10 months and six plus trips to my dealer, a wasted meeting with a Ford field rep expert who explained to me it's an Apple vs Microsoft issue! And in the same discussion went to great lengths to tell me how to install "Apps" in the 2012 Explorer Limited. Before he got too far into his ramble I informed him that this model does not have that capability, just read the Ford literature. Reading being the assumption of mine on his ability to read. I have good news and bad news ( not a joke). Good news for me and Ford that I am dumping this technological wonder and bad news for any hopeful owners of resolution. I had it appraised and in three weeks the value dropped two grand due to the sudden glut of 2012 Explorers showing up in dealer lots in my area. I live in the Great Lakes snow belt area where 4 wheel drive vehicles hold steady at worst. Picking up my 2013 Toyota Highlander in a couple of days. Amazingly enough my IPhone 4 set up in Toyota's Bluetooth system in 5 minutes including streaming music and apps. The Nav system also worked flawlessly right from the first try. Goodbye " Fix or Repair Daily". The only thing worse than the My Touch and Sync system was the Customer Support Team. I went all the way up the ladder and they would be real nice and understanding until you asked for something. I was offered a Maintenance Package for my troubles ( standard with Toyota) and when I finally got to the lead supervisor I was warned that I better take their offer or it will expire. The other good news is there are several large eastern law firms willing to include you in their class action lawsuit. Ford customer service was very consistant in their position, "wait for the update". Three updates later and Ford posted another one on the Sync website so I immediately downloaded and installed it! Two days later they posted a warning on the Sync website directing you NOT to install it in your vehicle. What a joke on the already nervous auto buying consumer. I did the best I could getting rid of it, preserving my rights for damages and getting a great deal on a Toyota. Hopefully when the CEO of Ford gets my letter and backup along with the contact information and documented emails I saved from my experiences with Customer Support he will take some action because Ford stock is edgy at best. Makes you want to run right out and buy one right? Don't buy the Explortion!
  • dave_cheslowdave_cheslow Member Posts: 3
    I have never before even responded when included in class action suits. This time I am so frustrated with Ford's responses I will be a willing participant. How do they release a product with so many flaws? Unbelievable!

    My time is valuable(at least to me) and I have no intention of going back to the dealer over and over again with no solution. When they have it all worked out I'll let them fiddle with my car again.

    Interestilngly my Lincloln MKZ with the hard drive version of ford sync works great, not as feature-rich, but very solid.
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    I bought my 2012 Explorer XLT in October 2011. At the time they didn't have one in stock with a navigation system in a color I liked. The one I bought has the MyFordTouch system but no navigation system. I was told by the salesman and the accessories representative that I could upgrade the MFT with navigation when it becomes available. I checked in with them every couple of months and was always told it's not available yet. This past week I stopped in and was told that Ford has decided not to allow people to upgrade their MFT with navigation. If you want navigation you have to buy it with the vehicle.
    I have a Garmin but I prefer a built-in system. I'm furious about this. I would not have bought the vehicle at all if I know about this. There are already so many problems with the MFT in my Explorer. Right now it doesn't work at all. The dealership says the SYNC module is bad and they have to order one. WHY DON'T THEY STOCK PARTS THAT OBVIOUSLY CRASH?
    As soon as possible, I'm getting rid of the truck.
  • explortionexplortion Member Posts: 10
    I was not told that it could be converted. In fact I was told you cannot convert it. However, I was not told that My Ford Touch was not functioning properly and that a large update was imminent. They knew about all of the problems. I purchased an Explorer Limited that was north of 40k. I had it for 11 months and dumped it for a Toyota and took a huge haircut. The Explorer problems are flooding the market. Get rid of it before you drive yourself crazy. Nice looking vehicle but obviously beauty is skin deep. Read my prior correspondence and what Ford Customer Service was like. They offered me an extended maintenance plan and one payment. After going through all of that I found a place to unload it and never buy another Ford. Good riddance Explortion!
    Funny thing the Toyota works, all of it works.
  • explorerx4explorerx4 Member Posts: 19,106
    Don't blame Ford, you were sold a bill of goods by the dealership people.
    Nav costs an extra $900 or close. It's not just an MFT software upgrade. although it seems like it could be.
    2023 Ford Explorer ST, 91 Mustang GT vert
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    I just took possession of a new 2013 Ford Explorer yesterday. I love it, with one exception. I use an iPhone 4s and had no trouble syncing my phone with the system. Unfortunately, whenever I use the phone feature, everyone I have talked to has had similar comments including "you sound like you're sitting in the back of the truck and the microphone is in front", "you sound like the microphone is covered with wax paper", "you sound like you're inside of a barrel", and "you sound like you're miles away". I've also noticed that the phone cuts in and out through the system, even though the connection on the iPhone is not compromised. We have found this to be true on two different iPhones, mine and the owner of the dealership who is also a friend. Today we tested a droid, and everyone we called said we were crystal clear. Any ideas why none of the iPhones are understandable?
  • explortionexplortion Member Posts: 10
    The poor microphone sound was one of the many problems I encountered with an IPhone 4. That was the smallest problem I had with MFT. Have you given the Bluetooth Media a workout yet? Mine nervier worked properly. It was like starting all over each day I turned on the Bluetooth and USB ports. Mixed messages would say "searching for phone" and lock up while on the same screen it showed it was connected. I would touch " my services" for directions I had already uploaded and had maybe a 50percent chance of the download failing. I have had inboard nav and turn by turn from MFT and found the turn by turn perfect and always up to date for a fraction of the nav original cost and updates
    Good luck with the media as mine never worked.
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    A reporter would like to speak to car owners who use Chrysler Uconnect, Cadillac CUE or Ford's MyFord/MyLincoln Touch. If you use any of these telematics systems, please send your daytime contact information to [email protected] no later than November 20, 2012 at 1 p.m. PT/4 p.m. ET.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    "Ford is extending the warranty and offering another upgrade that enhances the voice-recognition and navigation technology on its much-criticized MyFord Touch infotainment system, Mark Fields, soon to be the automaker's chief operating officer, told reporters Wednesday at the Los Angeles Auto Show.

    The warranty on the MyFord Touch system will now last for five years, up from three years. MyLincoln Touch will carry a six-year warranty, said Ford spokesman Alan Hall."

    Ford to extend warranty, update software for MyFord Touch (Detroit Free Press)
  • explortionexplortion Member Posts: 10
    Hello all of you people like me who have been told by Ford Customer Service that all of the problems we have encountered with Ford Touch and Sync were our imagination, phones, updates and any other garbage to appease you. The CEO of Ford has waved him wand and extended your warranties to 5 years ! What is that supposed to do, extend the aggravation and frustration? Maybe he has heard people say how dangerous it must be to have buyers driving around with a control system that is defective. What about the 40k plus and total waste of time dealing with Customer Service, not the dealer, Ford Corporate? If this forum allows me I will publish their names and contact information for the benefit of all of you unfortunates like me. I only hope that I get contacted by someone at Ford corporate to make me whole for my time, money and incredible frustration.
    I believe Ford owes us. When I purchased my 2012 Explorer Limited not one person at the dealership told me about all of the problems they have been experiencing. Not even a mention. That Is criminal to me to knowingly market and sell anything that simply put doesn't work!
    So now the Wizard of Oz steps in and grants an extended warranty due to their issues! Are you kidding me? Have they fixed it? No they have not. What a joke!
    Can you spell class action? Ford management please respond.
  • dave_cheslowdave_cheslow Member Posts: 3
    I was contacted by a reporter for Bloomberg Business Week and I am quoted in an article about the Ford technology problems. It seems Ford is the worst of all the companies because they rushed the system without thorough testing. The link is . Now my vehicle is at the dealer.....again. This time Ford customer service is all over it. They say they are replacing the APIM or whatever and also replacing the SD nav card, as well as doing the software update. We'll see.
  • steverstever Guest Posts: 52,454
    Bad link?
  • dave_cheslowdave_cheslow Member Posts: 3
    Ford customer service, Allison and Heather, really took an interest in helping me resolve the problems. My dealer, Englewood Ford in Englewood , NJ worked on the car this week. They replaced the APIN unit(whatever that is) installe a new SD Nav card and did the most recent software update. I am happy to report that MFT is so far working great! I would advise anyone having trouble with MFT to call the customer service number in your manual and let them help you.
  • f18aocf18aoc Member Posts: 1
    I have an iPhone 4S and have not had any issues with it. I had read this review prior to taking possession of my 2013 Explorer so I made sure to ask my wife if I sounded normal when I called her via the Sync and she said she heard me just fine. Sorry to hear you are having issues with yours. I've only had the vehicle for a week now so call quality might possibly degrade over time. I will keep an ear out for that.
  • allenstjallenstj Member Posts: 1
    We have had our 2013 Ford Explorer XLT for 3 days and are experiencing the same issue. It is almost as if the microphone is faulty. We have connected an iPhone 4 and an iPhone 5 with no improvement.
  • missmelnj1981missmelnj1981 Member Posts: 1
    I bought my 2012 Explorer XLT in Sept. of 2011. At the time I thought it was the best decision I had ever made; finally a reliable vehicle! Well not 10 days later did I have to bring it to the service department for a Sync issue. That wasn't the only time of course, I've brought back countless times since. I've given up trying to use the turn by turn directions as it doesn't understand me to even give me the correct directions. I've also now use a headset for when I need to be on the phone. I've gotten numerous complaints from people who I'm speaking to on the other end that they cannot hear or understand me and that there is a lot of road noise. Not only am I having countless issues with Sync, but also have had very expensive repairs that have needed to be done (thank goodness it's under warranty), from coolent fan needing to be replaced; most recently I've had to replace an axel. The truck is just a year old. Should I be having this many issues? I have been actually weighing the possibility of trading it in for a completely different vehicle!
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