Acura TSX vs. Honda Accord V-6

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I am trying to decide on my next car to lease. I'm looking at the Acura TSX 4 cyl. and the Accord coupe V-6. The Acura has a firmer suspension but it seemed like the steering was more bland then the Honda. Is it worth me getting the V6 over the 4 cyl Acura?


  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Member Posts: 811
    do you want 2 or 4 doors- I own a 06 tsx with manual transmission. My mom has a 08 accord v-6. The tsx comes with more standard equipment and a longer warranty. Did you test drive the v-6 tsx or do you want MT since the accord offers it with the coupe and v-6 whereas the v-6 tsx does not. My tsx has more than enough power. The accord has the variable transmission (I think it is called CMT) When I visit my mom I drive her car. It is nothing to brag about. I personally prefer my tsx. It is almost 5 years old with 127,000+ miles.
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    I test drove the 4cyl TSX because I cannot afford the 6, or you know full well I would go for the Acura V6! The Honda Accord coupe V6 is in my range, test drove as well. You are right that the Acura had more features standard. However, I do like to feel the road. The 4 cyl 2009 Accord coupe I have now has actually outrun some Mustangs believe it or not, but I still would like the extra acceleration power. Also, I would be getting an automatic/tiptronic, so not sure if that affects the answer differently. The 2 or 4 doors doesn't matter to me, although the sportier and more interesting the better. The most important thing to me is how it drives, how much fun is it to drive and safety. Since Honda and Accord are neck in neck with safety I'm more interested in the fun to drive factor.

    Edmunds rated the TSX 4 cyl on the bland side but I'm wondering for owners who have the 4cyl, once they've broken the engine in do they prefer it to the Honda V6 regardless of less power?
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    If you're getting an automatic, then get the Accord.
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    first I can believe you can beat a mustang-we had a convertable mustang as a rental car in Florida-so I know. Seems you like the accord so get another one especially since you want automatic. If you wanted manual then I would say tsx. I do mostly highway driving and my 6MT tsx has more than enough power and a fun car to drive. That is my opinion.
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    Everything you've all written makes sense. Thank you for your responses. The only concern I have about the Honda that I didn't mention is my 2009 has low miles (23K) and I've had to have the brake pads changed 3 times, which is outright ridiculous. Does anyone know if the 2011/12's have the same brake issues? If so, maybe the 4 cyl. TSX is worth the slight blandness? I hate indecision. I wish something would just grab me!!!

    Just goes to show you there is a huge market out there for a good sports car under $30K that takes our breaths away! Where is it?! lol
  • nj2pa2ncnj2pa2nc Member Posts: 811
    What type of driving do you do? If you do lots of stop and go then brakes wear out faster. I do mostly highway driving-still have the original brakes and rotors on my 06 tsx with 129,000+miles. Many other owners have complained how they have to change the brake pads often.
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