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temperature control unit fan question...1996

My auto control works sometimes on heat or a/c in auto mode.Most of the time I have to put the wheel all the way up to get the fan blowing.Do I just need to replace that whole unit??In the summer when the a/c is on the auto mode would come on for a few then go off.While I'm at it,how hard is it to replace the fuel lines under the hood??They look/are rusty.


  • wicketwicket Posts: 18
    i need to replace the modual and was wondering if you could get it out like you do with some radios, or do i need to take the dash apart. it is a 1993 tc. ty
  • how about starting your own thread and asking that instead of hijacking mine...
  • wicketwicket Posts: 18
    how is my problem like you 1999 tc. my whole control modual needs replacing.
  • all I'm saying is start your own thread about your problem.I don't post my issues in somebody else's thread,I start my own which is what you should do pal.This way you get your responses and I get mine.If you can't understand that,that's another issue altogether
  • Kirstie_HKirstie_H Posts: 11,101
    In all honesty, neither one of you is likely to get an answer by posting in a whole new thread.

    Your best bet in these forums is to look at the list of discussions related to your vehicle (, then pick the existing "problems" or "maintenance and repair" discussion that best fits your issue. There are often members who have subscribed to these discussions, so they'll see new posts in those discussions, but won't likely notice a brand new discussion for a single issue.


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  • It comes out quite easily. Pry the surounding cover off. a few screws and it comes right out, then some unduing of lines and electrics in the back. The dealer wanted $600.00 plus for one. I pulled one out at the junk yard for $20.00. Now mine works fine.
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