Need help deciding on new car - Honda brakes bad?

mskitkamskitka Member Posts: 20

I really need help deciding what to lease as nothing I can afford is really standing out to me. Which is disappointing. I currently have a 2009 Honda Accord Coupe EX-L. It has low miles (23K) and I've had to have the brake pads fixed 3 times! To me, that is unacceptable. Honda dealers tell me they have fixed the brake issue, but then, they are trying to sell cars. I need to know from those who have a 2011/12 Honda if the brakes still squeal, etc. and have this issue.

The choices are:
2012 Honda Accord coupe V6
2012 Acura TSX 4 cyl.
2012 Kia Optima
2012 Buick Regal TURBO

The Kia is the only one I have not test driven. I would have loved to have gotten a Mustang V8, but can't afford the lease and the V6 was underpowered IMO. I also test drove the VW CC and was appalled at the amount of throttle lag. I can't believe Edmunds never commented on that in their review. To me, acceleration is unpredictable and unsafe. Again, would have leased a CC in a heartbeat but for that unseamless turbo. If anyone can recommend something I have not thought of, or if you feel that Honda has improved brake quality enough to recommend the V6, by all means do so!

Thank you for any suggestions...


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